Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Victory Garden

This is a show I've watched since I was a little girl.  I wish I could remember the name of the old guy who used to host it.  The new people are wonderful, too, very entertaining.  One guy uses words like 'succulente' and 'far out.'

Today they went to an art garden in California.  It wasn't just a sculpture garden with plantings, the plots were given to artists and each was designed to represent a different theme.  One guy made a Japanese garden with a meditation box.  A Mexican artist made a walkway of terracotta to represent the hard journey from Mexico to California.  They were all very well done, where the theme wasn't overpowering the nature.

You can watch a few episodes of The Victory Garden on  I can't even think of another show, maybe besides soap operas, that have been on this long.  It so comforting :)  I've been gardening since I was 2 when my neighbor showed me how to plant carrots in the narrow strip of dirt cushioning the driveway from the fence between our houses.  It was magic to me that a little seed could turn into a carrot.  I moved on to radishes after that because of their quick germination and maturity.  This would be a great starter for kids, they will grow in any soil and reach maturity in about 30 days.  Just move some grass out of the way in the yard and pop the seeds in.  Water for the first few days but after that you can really just leave them alone.
The best part is eating something you've grown from seed; it always tastes better :)  C'mon Spring!  I'm salivating over these gardening shows.

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