Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water on the road!

As you all know, my fear...water on the road, especially when it's from an overflow of some kind.  Here it is in video form.  I suppose as long as I don't have enough time to write and draw I can make little videos.  All is well. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sandbar Games

When the tide is leaving
there are ways to tell
where the sand bars
will come out to play:

the waves trip. Their
gangly legs strike the
striped surface below
breaking concentration-

they turn white. To
quickly recover face
from this folly, rows
merge, then dissipate.

Beaches, in three parts

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who is Rachel?

An idiot with long hair who knows too much for her own good.  Just kidding- I know just enough.  I'm getting good at life, actually I am really good at life.  There are tricks, shortcuts to getting what you want and I am figuring them out along the way.  I have absolutely no complaints so far, except for the normal, "god, why is my boss doing this, " sort of crap.  And as you know I've been learning to sing which is going GREAT.  I can really sing now!   Vibrato and everything...  I've been writing songs for so long now and have always been afraid to sing them but that is all changing.  Maybe one day I will record them to share.  I have been so afraid of my voice since middle school, I wouldn't even sing to myself.  It's one of those irrational fears that really stick people in the gut.  I have this thing, though, of taking everything I'm afraid of and everything I think I can't do and doing it anyway.  It really feels good to succeed at something you thought you could never do; it's the only reason I became a waitress.  Once I realized that the things I feared the most were a piece of cake to get over and really be successful at, all fear sort of diminished; not entirely of course, but enough to teach me that fear is not a brick wall.  Why am I on another self improvement tangent?  Not sure...probably because I'm so psyched that I can sing....


I am amazed all the time,
this is nothing new.  But
I am always struck by how
withdrawn I am with you.
There has been no closet
foolery, no under the desk
mischief, even though I've
imagined it a thousand times
over in my mind before sleep.
I've not planned a real action
rendevous, for I am a good
soul, but lord knows I would
not give up the opportunity.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It has an eye


It's raining but
I can

sun shine
upon your delicate

hands.  My pointy
fingers grasp

There is
sagebrush to take.

An alarm sounds
just in

you to
snuggle up against

my back- keep
my soul

let me
forget the champagne.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Two Steppin' to Mazzy Star?! Yeah!

I went two stepping in Austin and the band rocked. They played countrified versions of The Cure, Mazzy Star (which is in this little clip) Pearl Jam, Tom Petty and a bunch of other great tunes. What a bunch of fun that night was!

Sunny Singin'

At Trophy's in Austin some friends singing/playing a song. Sunny Fairly on geetar and vocals and Sick from Sick's Pack on fiddle. The audio quality kind of sucks but it's a happy memory :) There's also a drunk guy dancing that provides extra entertainment.

Walkin' & Poppin'

Thursday, March 18, 2010


What is it I don't want to see?
Why the Johnson/Blitz drug combo?
Why tea at ten o'clock?
Why bother questioning my coffee habit?
A friend is having a kidney transplant.
I made an ocean into a boyfriend.
My hair is still green underneath.
My hair is still green underneath.

feelin' it

I thought it had been three weeks, but it's nearly a month and a half since I've drawn anything.  That must be why I feel strange.  Too busy to draw isn't really an option.  The beach is my boyfriend.  I'll never get over the water reaching the shore; the way it hugs the rocks and sustains tiny creatures.  Tipping over stones and holding crabs, finding washed up jellyfish and returning horseshoe crabs to shore...who's gonna do that when I'm gone?  I will be able to talk to the people I miss when I don't live here anymore but I doubt anyone will hold up the phone to the waves.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Farkle brought to you by The Sharkle

That's me...I'm The Sharkle.  My new nickname sort of speaks for itself, haha.  I'd never even heard of farkle until visiting Austin.  Wikipedia has all the info and rules spelled out here.  Play it!  It's fun.  Make sure to shout a lot, it adds to the game.  Happy farklin'.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Almost like snow

A WHOLE clam!

In all the years I've spent hanging around at the beach I have never found a whole clam, until today!  I didn't know what to do with it except to take a picture.  I didn't want to kill it by taking it home (it sort of seemed alive, although I don't know anything about how clams work)  and I don't eat them but even if I did I wouldn't eat one from L.I. Sound.  I put it in my pocket for a moment until it spit up.  So I put it back in the water and went on my way.  I named it Clammy.  Say hi to Clammy everybody!

Lost shoes and blue crabs

This is a picture of the sand bar that claimed a shoe or two when I was younger.  It's also the only time I've seen blue crabs in their natural environment.  There were two hanging out in a tide pool just like the one in the picture.  It was a big deal that day, none of us had ever seen such large crabs before.  They are very beautiful and way more colorful than any crabs we were used to seeing. 

As I was standing on the sand taking this photo my shoes started sinking in, it must have something to do with the way the water drains out during the tide change.  At least if I ruin shoes now my mom won't get pissed :)

Was Underwater


Flood walk

From the days of girl scout meetings
I've had nightmares of flooded over
roads washing me out to sea. “Join me,"
it says, “let me sweep you out, dance
with me.”

I'm fine investigating, peering
out over the expansion, the reclaimed
land, the water, now surging forward.
I'm fine until I look down at the new
boundary. Toes to ocean over grass
instead of sand. That's when my stomach
and mind leap toward the clouds.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Airport waiting writings

Swoop through overcast
gray skies climbing
search the sea for
gulls, blowing weeds
across plains of
longhorns and live oaks.


Spiral screw in spring
for cleverness and friendships
lost or put on hold. So glad
for facebook and cell phones.


The cellist bellows
through clefs and measures
supporting the arts of others
in harmony.


Seat Assignment

34D- That'd be
one stacked


Excitement. He likes
my favorite

San Antonio Airport

Interstate exchange rate
doubles as people relax
and have a good time.

Don't leave Texas-

come back to stay
without your suitcase.
Breathe swiftly.

Why do you think you
write like shit all of
a sudden? Is it because
you are enjoying yourself?

There are exceptions.
There are marble hearts
to crack open, Green
to come through, Busted!

A gaggle of hot young
men all around me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sneaking, Staying

A sneak through the back door
between hard water drops from
shower head falls. Soap drips
down body to mind from inflection
to reason. Sudden smiles from
eruptions. It's ludicrous.
A snowy picture revealing
wishes unplanned suddenly
deciding a child drawn future.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I feel really stupid

for complaining about going back to work. There are way worse predicaments that I could be in right now. I may be a little disappointed in my own manifestation skills and that's why I'm being bratty, but that's nonsense too. I'm having the most incredible year ever! I wish I had a webcam right now cause I'm sucking Kashi crumbles out of my hands and it probably looks really silly. Anyway, no more complaining for me. I have goals, happy goals and now a way to achieve them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm doing it for you

France, you know I'm talking to you, right? I'm really not sleepy and I start work in the morning. Gotta wake up at 5:45 and drive over an hour to go to a place that won't let me have green hair. I'm whining, I know. This is really a blessing. Time to start the language studies again so I can make friends while I'm there. And this brown hair ups my librarian look which I kinda like. Hey, I really am like Parker Posey in Party Girl! Now if only I could sleep...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Again at the airport

San Antonio to Atlanta to Hartford. It's a long day of travel. My heart is trying to adjust. I have so much love for everyone I've met in Austin and San Marcos. I wish I had better words. I hope to blog about all the bands and places I've seen while I've been in Texas. It's been a whirlwind of a vacation!