Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roger Swain! "man in the red suspenders"

He's like my cooky Grandpa :)  According to wikipedia he hosted The Victory Garden from the mid 80's to 2002.  He always knew how to make gardening interesting and his accent was so charming.  I can picture him now digging his hands through the soil, sniffing it to show appreciation for his much loved compost additive.  I bet I get my love of mulch and soil from him.  He gave a talk at the CT Garden Show in Hartford a bunch of years ago.  I went to the show but I missed him.  :(     I hope this guy is still getting props for what an amazing inspiration he is.

The new guy, Jamie Durie is from Australia and is said to have been a stripper, an equivalent to the American Chippendale dancers.  Wow, has gardening gotten sexy?  Maybe they are using sex to get people into gardening.  It wouldn't surprise me but it's a little sad.  Should I blindly trust PBS's integrity?  I suppose it doesn't matter.  (isn't that the apathy that is making this country turn to shit?)  It's a good thing I'm not in politics.    I get it now, he was on Oprah!  Well, if Oprah says he legit.... 

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