Saturday, February 6, 2010

Counting my luck stars, 1st up: Bough

I'm not sure how it happened but I'm so blessed to be surrounded by very talented people.  A good majority of my friends are musicians with their work being exquisitely unique unto themselves.  They each create whole universes that offer new energies to surround yourself with.  I'm in one right now, courtesy of Bough, and the album Broad Daylight.

From their website:
Bough is Andi Diluvian and a hedgemaze of friends, cohorts, and glistening sticky things.

Written and Recorded in 2008

This is an album in the original sense, in that its energy is linear and cumulative. It is intended to be in played in order from beginning to end. Do not take with grapefruit juice.

If you appreciate this release, you can help us by clicking the "Share" button to create a small magic box which can be put anywhere you want (this function is currently exclusive to the internet). We are working towards getting it properly mastered and pressed. If you think you can assist, simply shoot us an email.
If you are reading this, Thanks.

Forthcoming: Night's Electric Dog EP
And another full length. In due time, child...

<a href="">Wet Amulet for Membrane Jump by Bough</a>

All ten songs on the album can be enjoyed using the player above or you can visit the bandcamp page.   I highly recommend jumping in and not trying to multi task while listening to this; it will bring you to some amazing places. I'd call this image inducing music, if not a complete transportation device.  My upper chakras sure are having fun!

Slowing Down the Shadow is a "live, mostly-improvised companion landscape to Broad Daylight" recorded February 2009 available as a free download.

<a href="">Slowing Down the Shadow by Bough</a>

I like how the piano is used as percussion and slowly builds the fullness of the song then to wind down and end perfectly.  If you have trouble astral projecting listen to this track and let the spin begin.  Just be careful ;)

After listening to the album and bonus track:

Over the next few days I will be posting more music so stay tuned!

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