Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intuitive Drawing - what is it?

I was recently asked in an email, "What is intuitive drawing?" I wanted to share the answer with you because I do a lot of it. If you've seen paintings or drawings on this blog, you've witnessed the end result.

Intuitive drawing is a method of channeling energy patterns. The end result is a drawing which can be interpreted in a meaningful way to help you locate and heal from energy disruptions. Here are the basic steps:

Supplies Needed:
pastels (my favorite medium), colored pencils, crayons, markers or any other colorful writing tool. Colors needed include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Other colors are optional.

1. Start by writing down what the colors of the chakras represent. For example, green is the color of the heart chakra so deep emotional love would be represented by green. Do this for all of the colors you can. If there is no chakra color, with white for instance, just ask yourself what you feel when you see the color white. For me it means purity. Your list will be refined as you become accustomed to the process but in the beginning these are a good guide to interpreting your drawings.

2. Set up your space. Sit in a comfortable place and lay out your supplies so you can easily reach them. Make sure your area is organized and quiet. You need to listen to your intuition for this process.

3. Ask a question. What do you want to ask yourself? Simple is best in the beginning until you learn to trust yourself and the answers you receive. If you are having trouble with a friend, mate, child or anyone close to you, you can ask yourself what is causing the problem. After formulating your question, state it in your mind.

4. Draw. When I am teaching new students, I ask them to close their eyes to draw. This eliminates judgment from the mind. You will pick up one color at a time and allow your hand to move freely on the paper. You will instinctively know what to do and when to put that color down. You will also get a feeling of completion when the drawing is done. It's ok if you only pick up one color and it's ok if you pick up a color, draw something, put it down and pick up the same one again. Everything you do is ok. There is no right and wrong to the process or the outcome as long as you are listening to your inner guidance. These messages are subtle so don't second guess yourself.

4. Decode your drawing. After you are complete, open your eyes and review what colors you have used. Look at your color guide to figure out what each color means. If there are overlapping colors, the color that is underneath means that that emotion/feeling is located deeper in your system than the one on top. Address the top color first and work your way down. For example, taking the question from the step 3, if the top color is yellow, the surface problem is located in the solar plexus. This means there may be anxiety when you think about this person or are with this person. If the bottom color is green, the deep issue is in your heart. Are you blocking the love you feel for this person? Are you projecting past relationship issues onto this relationship? When you hit on the right answer you will feel it resonate in that chakra. Feel your way through this process using the drawing as a map.

There is much more to it, but starting here is an excellent place.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Ice

Take my hand.
If it shakes
or trembles
or gets mushy
or moist,
you will feel
what I cannot
say to you.
What you've
felt from me
and run from.
What binds my
chest. What
excites my
instincts. A
Valentine's poem
for you includes
a clue. That
roundabout way
to get through.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A fabulous article on Planet Waves

Valentine's Day is upon us which tends to divide the coupled with the singles out there. I have to say though, being single on Valentine's Day isn't such a bad thing. I decided to make valentines for everyone I see on Monday. They are glittery and fun and hopefully will make people smile, coupled or not. Judith Gayle, political writer over at Planet Waves, has written a fantastic article on the subject and intermingles the high fructose corn syrup issue in it as well. Love and fake favorite things to talk about! Below is an excerpt of the article and a link to the rest. Enjoy! And spread the love :)

By Judith Gayle | Political Waves
Happy Valentine’s Day! The day when flower growers and designers, candy makers and sellers, jewelry store and spa owners rub their hands in glee. The day that most men remember at the last minute and, if they’re smart, find something to cart home to the honey, while most women have orchestrated the remembrances, cards and tokens of affection well in advance.

The mythology is that Valentine’s is the day when each of us either reaps the dividends of being loved or stands out in the cold, looking in. This usually has little to do with worthiness and more to do with being partnered. I’ve always thought this holiday had a kind of awkward, sadistic quality, like a national Sadie Hawkins Dance that had the ability to turn into the gym scene in Stephen King’s Carrie.
Still, it comes every February with regularity and so, blessed are the hooked up. As with New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day provides a relationship perk that means this pivotal date-night is taken care of; at least in theory. How well we do with this quiet little February event may also answer the question of whether the relationship is still viable in April and May.
Flower delivery, it turns out, is problematic this year. If you’re not familiar with your local flower shop, turning instead to an 800-line or advertiser, you may not get anything close to what is being promoted in pictures and pamphlets. This is particularly problematic if roses were promised and peonies delivered; worse, chrysanthemums, the kind your dear old Granny grows in her garden. On the other hand, flowers of any kind delivered in a bitter February should not be sneezed at. Not only are they a rare delight when the snow is blowing, they can be displayed in a window to let the world know someone thinks you’re IT: highly coveted. The recent problems with delivery indicate that those who want value for their buck need to hand-deliver or, perhaps, select another gift.

When in doubt, there’s always the traditional Valentine’s offering: candy. It’s literally everywhere and easily obtained. On the other hand, if the selection is too generic, not only will your good taste be questioned but your true feelings. I’m personally a Skittles fan but — in days long ago when these things meant more to me — if the Beloved had thrown a bag of Skittles my way on The Big Day, favorite or not, trust me: there would have been little joy in his Mudville. No, these offerings need to show a bit of class, imagination or, barring that, expense. According to the tube, Kay Jewelers will be GLAD to help you with that last.
Then there is the evening event to consider. The business of Cupid’s bows and paper hearts is all about romance, which requires the aforementioned imagination. The intimate meal is always a winner. I watched a bit of the Food Channel this week, and everyone had a different suggestion for food-seduction, most involving large amounts of butter and sugar, accompanied by something alcoholic that was the same color as the tablescape. OK, color-coordinated beverages are a bit of a turn-off for me, but there’s no denying that alcohol plays a large role in the Valentine’s event — which makes sense, by the way, only if you’ve secured a hotel room or paid the babysitter to take the children for the weekend.

Would this be an inconvenient time to begin a conversation about the continuing evils of subsidized production of high-fructose corn syrup? Well, too bad — we’re going there anyhow. In the last months, I’ve seen clever commercials calculated to convince us that there is nothing in corn syrup that is anything other than plain old table sugar. And sugar, of course, is good food. It must be so, available as it is in a thousand guises at every check-out stand, convenience store counter and restaurant table in the nation. But, as usual, they lied. We’ve been taught that refined sugar is harmless, but it is not. There is either sucrose or HFCS – or both — in just about every processed American food product, from hot dogs to corn flakes, baby food to soup, but you won’t hear about the dangers in this nation.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

in the land

Intrigued by grown
up predicaments;

nursing sick
wounds and licking

them squeaky clean.
Linens all

tossed about.
Remotes lost under

covers. Adultish programs
featuring moves

Diego, tall
grasses, hairy chested

cowboys doing ollies
singing with

Lost moments.
Stored text memories...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fake Babies

Possibly a strange band name but the music was excellent. I highly recommend seeing them live. I had never heard of them before last night but they are very danceable and very other-world-making.

You may not understand

Because I'm 28.
I'm not three decades old
yet I feel a billion.

I feel everything.

I move to beats
Swaying, lifting
my ears, nose
and eyes at people.

Agreeing to one more

I'm 28.

But not for long.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chilly ripples


The night

I did my first medium reading at a bar tonight. It came up out of the blue, too. I've been friends with this man, close friends, for over six months now and he still didn't realize I could speak with the deceased. He offhandedly mentioned that he'd love to talk to his mother and whoosh, we were connected. I moved closer to him and relayed the addition of his mother to the conversation. After his moment of shock, we started talking with her. I don't ever drink alcohol before a reading so I warned him of the possible sub-par connection but it turned out alright. We got some great information out and he got to say what he wanted to. For the first time in a while my 'client' was left with a strange feeling. Normally it's tears and hugs but this was a bit different. I think it was due to the strange circumstances and the spontaneity of the event. I'm just glad I was able to manifest his wishes so quickly. I'm sure we'll be readdressing the issue in clear daylight soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I haven't been blogging

Here, anyway. There are others. I've been reading and writing mostly. I wrote a physics piece about how Einstein's 1905 photon hypothesis made a correlation to psychokinesis but when it was proofread it was deemed misleading. I understand the comments. I'm not really educated in any high science. I have yet to read the book that will actually send me in the right direction, Michio Kaku's book Physics of the Impossible. All I know is that I've bent a spoon beyond my physical capabilities and I want to know the science behind it. Not because I don't believe it's possible, but because I love science.

In the interest of brevity

Some people pronounce words in a funny manner. I was watching the science channel and the man describing how ambulances were made kept saying ambu-lance with a twang on the lance. I had to turn off the television. The same goes for interest. The middle, er...too long. I've been reading about Einstein through the eyes of several modern physicists. They have their own opinions of how his mind works which are fascinating, though I wish I really got to know him. No one can really portray another's inner workings. I wonder if the people pronouncing things strangely are aware of their amusement factor. In the part of the country where they reside it's probably normal. I was in a truck today noticing the windows ice up and realized I lost my clarity for a moment. So I decided to get clear.