Friday, February 19, 2010


After inhaling an asiago bagel covered in melted butter, I actually take a sip of my venti latte;  bet you can't guess where I am.  I've been working on the issue of boundaries lately; I don't seem to have any.  I know that isn't entirely true because I can deal with people and I understand when to back off.  I think the issue lies more in dealing with divulging too much information about myself all the time.  I had a psychic tell me this once as well, "don't talk about your business."  The first month of this year was a manic time for me.  I've never felt closer to mental illness but was able to keep a distance to the madness, allowing for the saving grace known as self-awareness.  Now that elemental balance is nearer circumstances in my life have truly improved.

I'd like to improve upon my fictional writing.  For some reason I've come to assume that people are reading my blog as reality.  I'm sure the opposite it more true.  What could I make up to emphasize that?  Probably not much.  My favorite way to write is in the first person so each of my characters will reveal something about me.  I also appreciate the feat of making someone feel uncomfortable, stirring up their insides so strongly that it makes them notice the changes in their physiology as muscles tense and body temperature changes.  It's not a power trip, it's a long distance hug.  Shake it up, rock it out.  Love is all around if you can peek into the crevasse of your heart chakra and notice the life in there.  I'm assuming that since blogger notes 'chakra' as a misspelled word not too many people understand what I am talking about.  When activated and humming, the heart chakra will feel warm and fuzzy, like when you are reading a love letter from an admired one or getting a huge hug from your child.  You all know the feeling I am talking about.  Crack it open for yourself, think about what makes your heart tingle and then keep your eyes peeled for stimulants.

I'll be in Austin for a few weeks soon.  I hope to capture the energy in many forms.  I've had this idea for a series of books that capture the energy of places with drawings, essays, poems, interviews and photos.  What I do best is give impressions.  I'm hoping that with so many different avenues of expression the book as a whole will give a clear impression of the vibe of the city.  I'll experiment in Austin and then by the time I get to Paris this summer I can do a better job. 

Back to the top, I want to provoke you.  Leave your existing world for a sec and imagine the infinite other worlds you could be living in right now.  I'm at a table in a retail establishment right now, I am also the center of the universe, I'm also in the heads of a few people who are thinking about me, I'm also in photographs and online and on vacation and at work and I'm perceived by every single other person who knows me as something different.  Where does the truth lie?  It's in everything.  The only thing to keep one centered is the inner connection we all have.

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