Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need happy pictures right now, I guess these will do

I took these the other day.  The sky was overwhelmingly beautiful so I ran down to the beach and parked my butt on the damp sand to take it in.  There are 15 more images here if you want to see them.  There were so many different colors and cloud formations.  Sometimes nature is so beautiful it looks fake; too good to be true.  I just kept thinking it looked like a painting and the pictures look like paintings too.  Clouds are amazing.  The top picture is my favorite.  It reminds me of a delicate feather falling to earth.  Enjoy.


My arm is freaking out.  Twitching.  For twenty minutes.  Retreat arm.  Fall back.  Listen.  Don't cry.  Arm.  Stop twitching.  Stop listening to this.  Soft chords.  Lazy listening.  Sitting, reading.  Listen giggle.  Giggle heart.  New name:  Giggle Heart. 

Ta-ta for now.

To speak- length. 
Not taken,

Intersect, maybe
not. Intercede it,

yes.  Post it. 
Please laugh.

This vacuum. 
Hurts with chill. 

Heats with something. 
In time.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow stuffs

It was a gorgeous day here.  It's night time now and Grey's Anatomy is a rerun so I'm sitting here blogging instead of being outside.  It got so cold and windy and icy; the not so fun part of winter.  I missed the smell of flowers so I bought some today.  The potted Hyacinth I bought last week died already.  I'm a horrible potted plant mother.  They die so fast on me.  I got a steal today though, roses and alstroemeria for $3.99 at Trader Joe's.  Woohoo!  A bunch of flower heads fell off when I unwrapped them but oh well.  I put the blossoms on a doily so they look pretty.  One thing I love about Paris is that the roses bloom in the winter.  I have a picture of a rose blooming near the Eiffel tower a week before Christmas.  That still makes me smile.  Today's snow pics are mostly geometric.  Am I becoming structured? 

Passing on a coupon - Free Shipping

Imagekind has awesome coupons from time to time and I'll post them here for you so you don't have to get their newsletter.  Your welcome.  :)

Free Shipping
on orders of $30 or more
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There's a new shop in town, a print shop!

Hey fellas and ladies,
Like my art but can't afford original prices?  Well now you, too can luxuriate your home with museum quality prints from my Imagekind store.  Choose the size and paper and voila, they ship it right to your door!  The prices are fantastic with small prints starting at $15.66.  You also have the option of getting a print framed and matted, printed on canvas or even a greeting card.  

So that's enough of a commercial, lol.  So now when you see 'buy the print' beneath images you know where it leads; directly to the print listing.  I'm doing this mainly for google image searches and for random people who show up at past pages of my blog.  I'm very happy with Imagekind's quality and customer service.  It's a great company so if you do ever purchase a print, rest assured that you are dealing with good people.  My site contains multiple galleries, one each for photographs, drawings and mixed media.  Check it out :)  It's updated daily or whenever I have new stuff, which is often.   Have at it and thanks!

Bye Train!

There's something about the Milford train station that I've always loved.  This particular train is going to New Haven.  Riding the train to Grand Central takes about 80 minutes, maybe more, depending on whether it's local or express.  Milford is like this little wonder place that contains everything you need to both escape and be self-sufficient.  The official 'motto' or whatever you call them is "the small city with a big heart."  I just love that! 

Snow Beach Walk

It's snowing today so I took a walk to the beach.  I was the first one there, no tracks.

Then I fell, haha.

That's my fall track.

Just lovely.

Beirut in Paris

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm listening to Thicker Than Water, a Jack Johnson album I just got and was pleasantly surprised to hear G. Love on it, too.  He's an amazing blues/hip hop (sorta) guy.  He's hard to categorize which is part of what makes his music so fun to listen to.  They sound great together in this song Rainbow.  I can picture myself sitting on a cloud instead of my green grass rug. 

Alien Embryo

There's a hair on my scanner.  It's on the wrong side though.  So here standing opposite (swimming/being) are two of the same alien.  Same blood, different angle. 


I have no
poem.  Not

Feeling Upside Down

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't resist

the temptation to write a blog post while I am this loopy.  It's probably going to be totally obnoxious because I'm belligerent and giddy all at the same time.  Almost 24 hours of no sleep...I did this all the time when I was younger but now it seems like I've been awake for a year!  I'm definitely no insomniac.  Those people have it rough.  I was at the at&t store today to fix my phone woes and the man assisting me needed my phone number to access my account and I couldn't remember it. I gave him three wrong numbers...  He then asked me to write down my social security number so he could look it up and for a good minute I couldn't remember that either...  I feel  like I'm on drugs or something.  Drugs are probably more fun.  I don't really know cause I don't even take aspirin.  This is more of a boring blog post than anything else.  Sorry to waste your time and hype it up in the beginning there.  It seems strange to have set my alarm for 8:30 at night though.  I also just figured out how to use my newly downloaded alarm clock.  I linked it to a recording of a poem.  Hopefully it will wake me up.  Maybe I will dream of the poem first, that'd be cool.  I just double checked my alarm clock and noticed I had it set for am.  I can't even do the simplest tasks!  I would have slept for 12 hours I bet.  I helf off on buying a phone.  I was going to spend way too much money on a phone just because it's green.  I do things like that.  I might still buy it anyway though.  Not sure yet.  It is green afterall.  It has a sliding keyboard with letters on it.  I think they call that qwerty.  typing qwerty makes me feel like I am playing a piano.  I want to learn some piano songs.  fiona apple songs.  I want to sing to them.  I am boring you.  I am sleepy.  good day sirs.  (and madams)

Mornin' Sandshine!

January's calm

Develops, incites, aggravates
post congenital

insistent, erroneous
calls to character.

Insider interested insidious
graphic coding

catacombs unveiling
mucked-up, bog-like rapture.

Monday, January 25, 2010

to this week, done.

to many served
working is

rest in people
immobile reckoning

to unwork, misword
great service

to one in
working not

the whole story
built on

immense pleasure opening
unyielded weekly

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WOW, A Star Wars I'd watch

If the French Remade Star Wars - Watch more Funny Videos

The French have impeccable taste, daring style and a jaunty strut.  They'll make R2D2 dance and introduce three more Darth Vaders into the mix for visual appeal.  I'm not a fan of the original Star Wars movies but this is fantastic.  The French are also the only ones who would put this out there and not fear for their country burning down due to retaliating Americans.  

Thanks Adam for posting this on facebook!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Author Bio

I've been reading a lot of bios lately and most are just a stream of literary journal titles.  Then when I'm not expecting it a really funny one will come in.  I love those.  They really make my day :)  Do you poets have any input on this one?  Would you rather list your publishing accomplishments or say something of your personality, or both?  I've had to write them, too and dread it every time.  (and it isn't only because I don't have one of those long lists...)  When the accaptances have been figured out for the anthology next month I am thinking of emailing those included and asking each to answer a question and to also submit a formal bio if they choose.  I'd like to make it completely optional.  Any thoughts?

Oh, what a night was a song title for a reason

Ever light a match and watch part of the burning head fly across the air?
I just did.  Don't ever stop thinking things can go your way.  There will
be a chill in the air.  See green radio waves that should be invisible.
The doors and windows will never shut tightly.  My eyes and your
eyes will know this someday.  Until then you'll have to believe me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Be my penpal

Let's be letter friends.  The old fashioned kind with typewriters and paper and ink.  Tell me your secrets and I'll tell you mine.  Be anonymous, I don't care.  Call me a pseudonymn.  This is for real!  Email me for directions.  For screening purposes, here is my natal chart:

Monday, January 18, 2010

drafted dream

I have to write about this or I might forget.  In a scene overlooked by Dali by Dali, standing upright, outright on the bookshelf.  We, on the floor tumbling and toe flexing.  Five of us, friends.  'I want to take off my pants.'  I kissed her to share my tingling minty lip balm.  We were all in love for five whole hours.  Quick bursts of laughter punctuated the sex.  It was my first experience with women.  Multiple fingers from multiple people overtook my body.  Trading off partners, watching each other.  Her tongue was so soft against mine, his tongue so soft in me.  And the golden haired man who's beauty I have admired for a decade, now admired so closely.  The night ending with hugs and phone numbers and love.  It really was the sixties at six am.  We had a beautiful time.

White cats spotted black

Two snow leopards hopped out of the back seat of a car onto the ground right outside my bedroom window.  I watched them, smiling and they saw me and looked pleased, slinked over to my window and jumped up to say hello.  Their faces were very bright and we established an instant rapport.  The position of the cats kept changing without my action.  I looked down and the window had been lifted so their paws could be pet.  I wasn't startled, just perplexed and took the opportunity to pet what was exposed of them.   Eventually the smaller female cat was inside with her head against my side.  We got into a telepathic conversation about the differences in our eyes.  Her eyes were green, as mine are, but I have white surrounding the color.  Her eyes were all bright green with a black center.  Her curiosity was so genuine it almost melted me.  My soft spot for cats grows with their size I guess.  Her brother had the most sparkling blue eyes but didn't join our coversation. 

The cats' supervisors came stolling over after a few minutes and seem delighted that we were all so happy.  We chatted about animals and travel and then went to sit on the couch.  There was a large empty cage on the floor to the left of us and the woman asked what it had housed.  The man then said it was some kind of hawk, which I suppose meant we had already discussed it without his wife present, and I added a platypus and an owl.  I told them my old roomate was an animal trainer who did shows for kids sometimes.  It seems like we were rattling off animal names to see if we all had stories to share and this kept us on the couch for over an hour.  The couple was getting tired and wanted some coffee so I pointed out that the best place for coffee in the city was right across the street.  It was the coffee shop I fell in love with in the Bershires. 

The woman noticed my hands were scratched as I was pointing to the window.  It surprised me, I hadn't felt anything and the cats were never agressive with me.   She said it just happens and told me of how she had been severely injured many times.  "It's what we overlook to be with them," she said. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm still recovering

This made me laugh so much I snorted repeatedly and got the chills at the same time.  Could be my inner love for the infomercial format which got me though many long, sleepless nights or the perfectly recorded samples tossed out by the 'mind chip.'  Whaleboy.  It's not in very good taste but that's ok, it's funny.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I learned a new phrase

Au pif- under
capitalized, roundabout

The Yell, Specifically This

Supposition needs action.....a big 'ol YELL

Orgies :)

Has it really been three days? Ask stupid questions all the time. I wish I wasn't so afraid of judgment. It hinders exploring a curiosity about orgies. What could be wrong with them? Why do we assume things are bad if they make us feel good? Imagine it, bodies all wrapped together. So consumed with pleasure. You can't even see who's licking your thigh but you like it. View changing macro style. Skin colored clouds shifting all around. Blah blah safety, duh. Comfort can be worked out. It's hypothetical. The world needs more orgies. Maybe office morale would go up. Democrats and Republicans would not always be at odds...."Hey, didn't I see you...Ahhh,yes I did! Um...don't worry about that vote today." I can't be the only one thinking this. Speak up people. Maybe we can get this out of the shadows or at least not be ashamed to talk about it.

Friday, January 8, 2010


So much hiding involved with living.
Debilitating cohabitating with a...
Break out, break something with me
Dog. Experience this place or lift off...
like a glass painting or a vase
to where you already are day after...
which shatters and allows you to see
day. Just do it. See yourself.


sunk. Pull
me out please.

Creative Writing 101

There is too much pepper on these eggrolls.  Nope, sorry there is just enough pepper on these eggrolls.  Off topic for a sec.  Never put a greasy plate on your bed.  You'll have to wash your sheets.  You don't want to do anything which disrupts the writing process.  Never fall in love with someone unless you want to write.  Period. 

Never fall in love with someone unless you can not explain why you are in love with this person.  That also makes for poor writing.  Never listen to Radiohead at night for the same reason.  Radiohead will compel you to write when you know you shouldn't.  Maybe you should make your readers uncomfortable.  That seems to be the goal of most contemporary artists.  [Don't forget how to type.]  Typing is a crucial still needed to be a writer.  [I am not a writer]  Sorry, you are.  What are you doing right now?  [Eating an eggroll.]   Always use punctuation and good grammar when writing creatively.  These elements are necessary to your reader.  They will not read your work unless they are convinced you have been classically trained.
ed. note:  I found this to be true for artists as well.  I found that while in art school the faculty would not take my art seriously unless they were sure I posessed a strong foundation in drawing and painting "realistically".  
Never admit you are totally lost.  This may seem devious of you as a writer, but you never want to admit (as much as it may be true) that you have no idea what you are doing or why you are doing it to your reader.  They will never understand.

Never become an alcoholic.  This one seems to be self-evident but you never know.  Becoming an alcoholic never seems to help in writing.  You may say things you'd never admit otherwise, but your reader will always know [probably from spelling errors and a sense of haste] so it is never worth the effort or money involved. 

Damn, now these eggrolls seem too salty.  Forget the pepper, never over-salt your eggrolls students.  Always stop to appreciate high notes sung by Thom Yorke.  Forget the rule about not listening to Radiohead because I'm obviously a bad teacher.  He may inspire you to over share which is what good writers do to win over audiences. 

Here is a paper that was handed in today which we will discuss in class tomorrow: 

Walking by what seemed to be you
Where is this wine that I drink if not by your desk?  The swivel chair that beckons me to enter.  The room which is painted in my color.  What mistakes have I made to have you unavailable?
Advice I got today:  there is an equal out there for you.  Life is lonely.  What is the point of looking when all I find is people who need my help?  I know of the one who is right.  Fuck this.  I guess I'll wait for the possibility.

Ok, as you are grading this interesting paper listen to a favorite record so your mind is at ease.  Try to be objective.  The writer is obviously in an agitated state.  Never, and I repeat NEVER listen to You Are All I Need while grading this paper.  It's a terrible idea because then you will get sucked into the students mood and that is never a good idea.  Objective.  Even if you really are in the middle of the picture lying in the reeds.  I swear, don't do it.  Ok.  There is some existential problem occurring with the writer.  'Find an equal' seems to mean that whoever the writer is finding is not up to snuff.  This could be a narcissism problem but we cannot be definitive about that.  Let's keep an open mind.  The writer seems to be stuck on someone who they feel is correct for them to live a life with.  And then the last line seems to indicate that this person realizes that it's only the possibility which keeps them stuck.  While this is a reasonable assumption, because a possibility of finding the right person indicates more of a truism than anything else, we have a contradiction in the poem. 

There is hostility, 'fuck this.'  We also have desperation.  Not usually a good sign, but creative writing is a free form of expression.  Never judge the writer students.  It's not your place. 

Never get depressed.  Never set your sights too high.  Never get stuck on one person or you'll end up like the writer who's paper we referenced above for educational purposes. 

College Clubs

The college I am applying to has a 'High on Art Goup.' They have to let me in now.  This is in addition to the Art Club.  Strange names for the newspaper and that last club.  Albertus Magnus is a catholic college.  I am pretending that it isn't.
Great Perceiver newspaper, a source of campus news and information, provides an outlet for student writers.

High on Art Group sponsors student-run art exhibits each semester and raises funds to benefit Life Haven.

Infused Entity explores individualism, alternative ideologies and cultures, and encourages interaction among students from different backgrounds.


coffee, stuffy nose, anxiety, should eat something, get dressed, comb hair, put hair up, make bed, read into things, make paintings, stare at ceiling, fall asleep.

Dream Notes

I was at the sea shore when two creatures emerged from the water.  The bigger of the two resembled a platypus in shape and size but it was fluorescent orange and had no bill, just a rounded 'seal-like' nose with no whiskers.  The other creature was tiny, about the size of my hand, stood on its hind legs and sort of looked like a chipmunk without the fur, oh and it had glasses and clothing.  Just a few feet behind the shoreline was a white house where I lived with my mother and sister.  In the back room also lived a family of mice, The Bevilles; they could talk. 

I'm a curious lady so when I saw these colorful animals come out of the water I scooted carefully up to them to test their friendliness.  The tiny one with glasses wanted nothing to do with me and for the entire dream stayed in the same spot, feet in the water, standing upright, looking at the action with a blank stare.  The orange one was more receptive.  He/she (couldn't figure that one out) let me pet his spongy body for a minute.  Once I was sure enough that they were here for a real visit I slowly backed away and climbed into the house to notify the others.  The Bevilles didn't care, mom humored my excitement but wasn't about to go outside and Jen peeked out the window.  I went back outside to learn more about the orange one.  I pet it some more and then lifted the skin covering the left side of its mouth to check for monster teeth.  Not there!  Excited, I decided to pick it up. 

You are already thinking, 'not a good idea.'  I forgot to check the paws.  Indeed, the nails on this thing were strange.  Numerous, sturdy wires came out of each knuckle spraying out like a fiber optic fan easily scratching human skin.  I also agitated the animal which was at this point squirming like a toddler.  I put it down in the sand and started running towards the platform of the house.  It followed me and quickly!  Those wire fan nails were efficient running in sand.  Into the house I went and so did the orange thing.  I picked it up, holding it on either side of its belly with my arms extended far away from my body and waddled it out to the beach.  I took it further away this time and belly rolled it onto another platform down the shore.  This thing was pissed.  It once again followed me back to the house but this time was prevented from entering.  My sister was very nervous at this point and went to consult with the Bevilles.  She figured talking animals must know how to deal with this. 

Then I woke up. 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear Manuscript Faery

Every night you visit me and read french vocabulary terms from a book into my ear while I am dreaming instead of putting in order the pages on the floor.  Are you trying to tell me that I need to translate the book into french?  I would be happy to do so if you think that would change the progress of this project.  Last night I spilled red wine and some of it splashed onto the pages.  Is that a sign from the universe telling me I've already killed it? The splotches do resemble blood stains.  Tonight, please whisper some clarifying words.  The curls of purple cellophane which I had hope for aren't really working for me.  The static electricity generated from the rug into the thin plastic makes my hair stand on end.  It is hard to work with this added energy in my body.  I've yet to create a clean room for this project.  My budget hasn't room for such technology.  So if it's french you're after be clear.  I'll do my best.

Sincerely yours,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sonic Youth Day, Celebrating Snowcovered Rooftops at Dusk

This is an amazing cover by Beck.

I wonder what kind of dreams this would inspire if you listened to it while falling asleep.  


Given up on the journal.  That misplaced piece of typography.  A crushed cigarrette butt lying upright next to a burning one.  Smoke in the eye.  Untight glasses peering onto clicking keys.  Our lovemaking.  From minimal instinct to severe intensity.  Seers inside. Gone with a committment, yet freedom breeds moments of untranslated honesty. 

New year painting

There's a lot going on in there.  I enjoy the little vignettes.  It's funny, I never seem to like my paintings at first and the ovals in this bothered me because there are so many ovals in contemporary paintings.  It's growing on me though :)  Can't wait until it dries because it takes up quite a bit of my room.  I believe I am now addicted to painting big canvases.  It's gonna be a great year. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

On an exciting note...

Not sure why it's underlined and blue but whatever.  Yay for boots.  Ahh, I see.  The text is linked to the picture.  Superbad is a really funny movie.  It is erasing the scars High Fidelity left :)  Write beautiful poems so I can read them!  Anyone answering this request will be handsomely rewarded by....hmmm...not sure yet but I'll enjoy reading your poems.  I seem to be out of the poetic flow this evening. 

Today's Dance Party in the Car was exceptional.  Everybody, Everybody was in the mix as well as a personal favorite, Cypress Hill's Insane in the Membrane:

We used to sing that song at work a lot, it was so much fun!

It's true, I hate High Fidelity

It brings up all these feelings of contempt.  The final song is on now, I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever, Stevie Wonder.  Great song don't get me wrong...but tied to this movie it's too much.   

Why did I watch it?  I needed a painting movie and remembered that I had previously crossed this movie off my good list for which seemed like a stupid reason.  So I gave it another shot and realized that it may have been foreshadowing which caused my first reaction.  If I had the dvd I would throw it as far as I could and then run up to it dramatically so I could stomp on it and break it into as many pieces as I could.  The remains would then greet someone walking to their car in the morning.  They'd probably not even notice or just think it was run over.  Maybe I'm a little bitter, but just a bit.  I just made a great painting :)  A pretty painting, not a bitter painting.  My solar plexus is on fire.  

You don't want to know all of the reasons I dislike this movie.  If you have a different opinion let me know what you like about it.  Right now I'm going to eat something and try to stop smelling like paint thinner.