Thursday, February 25, 2010

I try to play it cool

I do.  I try not to be a giddy little girl when things go my way but it never works.  I just end up not being able to sleep because I'm holding in my excitement, then I get heartburn again not to mention dark circles under my eyes because I've been up all night.  The second I put my head to the pillow while repeating, 'you can still get two hours, it's like a nap, you can sleep more later,' a huge smile erupts on my face, I get a jolt of adrenaline and upright goes my body. 

No specifics yet for a few reasons...I'm still not sure how and if jinxes work and I love to share but not to brag which I have a hard time distinguishing when I'm excited about something.  Let's just say that cutting the fat from your life, whether it be an external factor and/or internal garbage (and it's usually the internal that allows the external to exist) really does make space for the awesome stuff to come true.  You can really design your life how you want it.  The trick seems to be this, if what you want makes you happy then it's easier to make it happen.  That seems intuitive enough, but think about what you want and why. 

Most people will say they want money, but what is it for?  Do you want to go on vacation because that will make you happy?  Then want the vacation instead of the money.  Once you've figured that part out, make space for it to come into your life.  Think that it's possible.  Allow yourself to release everything hindering it from being real.  Life is short and there is no limit to the happiness you can achieve. 

I sound like a motivational speaker, I know.  I just want to express how limitless you really are.  Roadblocks will come up again and again but this is a game worth getting good at.  I am AMAZED all the time at how almost everything I've ever wanted comes to me at the perfect time.  I'd love to help anyone do the same.  It is sometimes hard work to clear the path, but the reward is magic. 

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