Monday, October 26, 2015

Out of the middle

Is it too late to say Sorry?  A new Justin Bieber song - the only one I have listened to on purpose.

Rolling into not getting things done
Where does aliveness come from longing?
It has to translate or else I'm sunk.

Maybe I'm the Shrew.

The black ghost flying high and low.  Who are you?
Are you from my shoulder?

They are high.  Where and why are you back.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ever wonder what your energy looks like?

I just got some new pastels.

Sample Energy Drawing by Rachel Andrews
Sample Energy Drawing by Rachel Andrews
I’m so excited whenever this happens! I use up my pastels until each color is a tiny nub, so I am basically drawing with dust. I can’t tell you how many boxes I’ve been through over the years, but the best part about using up the old ones is that I get to play with new ones. Yay!

Drawing energy is the first psychic talent I was truly conscious of. When I was in middle school, a friend’s mom was throwing away a wooden wine box full of oil paints and palate knives. I had never painted with oils before, and I loved to paint, so I took the box from the trash and soon began experimenting (I still have the box!).

I still remember the day I looked down at a mess of colorful forms and realized it meant something. At the time, I was painting the top of a small box as a present to my mother for her birthday. The finished painting looked like four smaller squares in varying shades of pink, which were outlined with black.

When it was all done, I looked down at it in my lap, and then it hit me…I knew that those four boxes, which were closed off from each other by the outline, meant that she compartmentalized her problems. She was holding her worries inside of her and it was causing her sadness that she wasn’t letting out. I was pretty amazed.

I know I told her about what I felt when I gave her the present, though I don’t exactly remember her response. That day changed my life though. It was truly a day of finding myself, and I’ve continued ever since.

Of course, my skills have gotten better over the years, and I use different materials now, but the thrill is still present during each drawing. I LOVE doing this. I am also so pleased when I hear from my clients:

I love my portrait. Rachel also provided a detailed interpretation, which was really helpful and deeply insightful. She was willing to answer questions about it, too! Very highly recommended. :-) – Sarah R.

So why would you want an energy drawing?

  • First of all, it’s a beautiful keepsake. You can keep this drawing forever.
  • Second, the drawing is unique to you. It’s one of a kind!
  • Plus, every time you look at it, you will see your own energy patterns.
  • This is more than a drawing, it’s a physical representation of your energetic being.

Also included with your drawing is a written explanation of what the colors and patterns mean.

I will detail what energies are present in your life right now, what is stuck, what is fabulous, and everything else that presents itself to me.
You won’t have to question yourself anymore about what is or isn’t working in your life.
And just like Sarah said above, I am here to answer any questions you have once you receive your drawing.

Your personal energy drawing and written interpretation is just $125.00 and I’ll ship it to you for free.

Don’t forget, this is a completely personal drawing of your energy and a separate reading of your current state of being. The reading alone normally costs the price of the whole package. I’m just so excited for you to witness your true beauty in color!

Order now by clicking on the Paypal button below:

What next?
I will email you upon receiving payment to touch base. There is a space on the order form to supply your email address, in case your regular address is different from the one you use for Paypal. If you have a specific concern you’d like me to address in your drawing and interpretation please let me know during our initial email contact.

What will I receive?
You will get a 9 x 12 inch original energy drawing, done in pastels and a written explanation of what the colors and patterns mean.

How will I get my drawing?
The drawing and reading will be shipped to you in a tube mailer, gently rolled, with tissue paper.

When can I expect it?
Orders are shipped within one week of purchase. I will update you with tracking information once it is mailed.

What will my drawing look like?
Every drawing is different!  Some look like faces, others look like swirls, and some are very geometric.  Your personal energy patterns dictate the look of the drawing.  That’s what makes this so special!

What if I want more information?
For questions about the ordering process or the energy drawing itself, please contact

My Guarantee to You
I have done hundreds of energy drawings and have never received a complaint. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your order, email me and let me know! I am happy to refund your money or offer any further clarification that I can to ease your concerns.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Visualization – How I Learned a Slippery New Skill

Visualization – How I Learned a Slippery New Skill

Concrete Lily
Sometimes what we see isn’t what we expect. Photo by Rachel Andrews

I have to admit to being a late bloomer when it comes to visualization. Even after I could see energy with my third eye on a consistent basis, doing any seeing with my eyes closed was still very difficult. I remember doing an experiment with a friend in high school. He was very gifted at astral projection so we decided that he would project over to my room and I would look for him. Then, when he was done, we’d call each other and talk about what we had both experienced. What he described was truly amazing. He told me what plugs I had in the outlet behind my television, what I was wearing, and other things like what was on the windowsill or on my bed. I had a checkers game out on the floor, and he even described the way the lid was slightly askew. It was incredible.
At first, I closed my eyes and tried to see him that way. I figured that since he was out of body and had his eyes closed, mine should be too. Unfortunately, I was blank. How could he be so good at this and yet I could see nothing? I was inspired and a little embarrassed.
I tried everything to learn to see with my eyes closed, but no trick seemed to work. A different friend and I went to a guided meditation for practice. We figured that a professional would be more skilled in helping us develop this seemingly ordinary skill. The meditation leader grounded us and led us through a waterfall so we could meet our spirit guides. She took us through the woods where a pond appeared in a clearing, and on and on. It sounded beautiful, but I felt frustrated as the only images appearing in my mind were clumps of colors that didn’t make sense to me.
I kept at it though, and what I learned in the process of trying to visualize, was that I possessed a different, but complimentary skill. That skill led me on to visualizing, so here is the roundabout way that my higher self took me.
I already had the ability to look with my eyes open at a person, object, or spirit and see the wispy energy it contained. So for example, looking past someone’s shoulder enabled me to see their aura, but only in gray. One day, something clicked and I felt the color. I looked at someone’s aura and just felt that it was purple near her elbow and orange at her feet. Every body part I looked at, had a different color feeling. Of course, I had no way of validating my feelings, but I felt encouraged.
This feeling of accomplishment and the color-feeling skill was the bridge I needed in order to see with my eyes closed. The first time it worked, I will never forget. I was sitting in the middle seat of my friend’s mini van, talking with a boy in the back. Once the conversation was over, I turned around to face the front, closed my eyes, and I saw the outline of his body in gray, with colors floating on top of his body. I was seeing his whole aura, colors and all, with my eyes closed. I was so happy!
I learned a few things from this. First, because I was not trying to see his aura in my mind, it was easier to do. In that moment, my higher self found a way in, and up popped that picture. Through that experience, I was able to connect the feeling of getting it right with the process of doing it. In other words, I knew what visualizing successfully felt like because it happened, and from there on, I had a set point to match up with. It’s like knowing what radio station you want on the dial, and then gently adjusting it back and forth until the signal is clear.
Second, I realized that I was trying way too hard to see what I expected to see. I didn’t know that people could see auras in their mind like that. So it was easier for my higher self to slip that in. During the guided meditation, I was trying to see trees and the waterfall, and make them look a certain way. This hindered my ability to let go and be led into the scene. Turning off the mind, which is another psychic skill, is necessary at least to get the ball rolling in visualization. It makes sense, too. How can you expect to see visions or new worlds if you’re thinking about what they would look like? The two clash.
The third thing I learned through this, is that what we want may show up in unexpected ways. I had to learn color-feeling before I could see with my eyes closed. This may have been because I was so focused on the masculine, practice mode of learning visualization that I needed that bridge. I was too rigid, and all it gave me was a feeling of frustration. It’s better to be intent on learning new skills, but to also “go with the flow.” There is more room then for the higher self to actually commune with us.
In my experience with all the psychic skills I posses, I have found it easier to have an intent or a curiosity to learn, then after they make an appearance, that’s when I really practice. Then the skills can be honed and evolved. The number one attractor of new skills is an openness to receive them. Also, if something that you want to learn is evading you, it may not be part of your plan. Even though I do many meditations using visualization techniques, most of the time I use my third eye with my eyes open. I do the color-feeling scanning instead of closed eye scanning, and during readings, I see spirits and energy patterns in the air, and not behind my eyelids. Visualization was important for me to learn, but as it turns out, it’s not an everyday tool for me.
There are unlimited paths to knowledge. Learning a new skill can come about fast and easy, or take some turns, like what happened to me. Sometimes the fastest way isn’t always the best for us. I obviously needed to learn more first. Be gentle with yourself and the process of psychic unfoldment will be much more enjoyable and fruitful.

My Passion for Food and Self Empowerment

My Passion for Food and Self Empowerment

Baby Snap Pea
A baby snap pea plant from my garden. Photo by Rachel Andrews
What can I do?  How can I help?  The state of our FDA, Monsanto, Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, All-icides INSIDE seeds…  I’ve been meditating and educating myself lately on disobedience.  How do I honor the part of me screaming with anger at the choices the US government is making while also being authentic?  I’m not prone to passionate outbursts on any subject except food quality, so I figured that was my answer.  I am moderately educated on the subject and have enough gusto to follow through with any plan of action I decide to make.  Then it hit me – most people will not care.  They won’t believe the studies I quote, or the personal experiences I share, because there are so many false studies, cover-ups, brainwashing campaigns and no one trusts anyone anymore, especially strangers.
I have never been in the market of changing people’s minds anyway.  It feels invasive and only feeds my ego.  I am not sure why the subject of food safety turns me into a cheesed-off elephant, but when I followed through with a ‘change the world’ campaign in the past, all I did was alienate the people I loved by becoming completely obnoxious.  I knew that bombarding people with what should be loving information would fall on deaf ears, so I asked for a better answer.  What arrived makes perfect sense, and is something I’ve known for a long time, but conveniently forgot.
If we all took the responsibility of developing our intuition, we would have a pretty good truth finding system in place and we wouldn’t need to ‘take any one else’s word for it’ about what is good for us anymore.  We don’t need studies to tell us if something is harmful, we ask ourselves.  We don’t need to ask five of our friends if we should quit our job and move to Mexico, we ask ourselves.  You get the idea.  We become whole and we give ourselves the power of decision.  We tell ourselves that we are worthy of directing our own lives.
Think for a minute about how that would look.  If you knew for certain how your life would be, not based on the expectations of others, but by your own inner guidance, how would your life change? This is a huge question, and not one that can be answered all at once.  Life unfolds based on past decisions.  Start making some new ones and your life will change.
What most people clung to in the past was a false sense of security. That could have come from a seemingly stable job, house, family, etc..  Those things have been overwhelmingly proven to be anything but stable in recent history by war and its casualties, natural disasters, millions of foreclosed homes and millions more layoffs. Outer stability is an illusion.
This was a tough lesson to undergo for most residents of this country.  Change is the only predictable thing in life.  Learning this, and embracing it, is just another step towards freedom.  It means that the stakes of trusting yourself aren’t really that high.  It means that if you make a mistake, another option is waiting for you.  The more in tune with yourself you are, the more you can direct yourself towards situations that will bring you fulfillment.
Taking a chance on yourself does not mean sudden death.  Now is the time to internalize this because the pace of life is quickening.  You can invest in yourself or you can invest in the illusion.  It is your choice to make.  If you choose the latter, my only suggestion is that you check in with yourself and take note of how you feel.  If you are anxious without feeling vital, worried about money without an equal sense of contentment, stressed without feeling exhilarated, then ask yourself, what would I rather be doing?
But what is this thing that gets me to be adamant that food is a big issue? It’s pure Darwinian evolution theory. Survival of the fittest…literally. If you are killing yourself with your food, which is easy to do, then how do you expect to live a full and lustrous life? You can’t. And the sooner you understand that the federal government is backing “big agro” and buddying up with places like Taco Bell and Wendy’s to sell more cheese, the sooner you can leave them out of the picture when deciding what to eat and how to be healthy.

Dragonfly Pals – Interpreting Clues from the Environment

Dragonfly Pals – Interpreting Clues from the Environment

My friendly dragonfly clinging to the plant marker. Photo by Rachel Andrews

It was last summer that my first bug triage unit was formed. Two damselflies had gotten stuck in a spider web on a dock I was swimming near. Luckily, I was with a friend, so we each quickly freed one of the damselflies and began the laborious task of cleaning their wings of the sticky spider silk.
The damselfly I cleaned. Photo by Eric Vogl
I was immediately shocked by how trusting these creatures were. They both clung to our fingers while we scraped and prodded at their wings. They didn’t hop off or even seem to flinch. Because their wings are so small, we used wooden barbeque skewers to clean the remaining bits of web. It really looked like a bug hospital down on the dock. The neighbors were close by and soon came to see what was happening. It turned into a very cool experience which I didn’t think would ever have a repeat.
That is, until this summer when I found a very large dragonfly in the dirt around my pea plants. He was fluttering his wings and not going anywhere. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, but soon enough my cat came near and wanted him for a toy. It was either pick him up or watch him be eaten. Normally, I don’t go saving things from my cats, but this guy was special.
First of all, he was probably the biggest dragonfly I’d ever seen. Much different than the damselflies of last year who were tiny. Secondly, he also let me pick him up and did not hop off. I placed a plant marker near him, which he crawled to, and then I escorted him to a tall tree stump where he would be safe. I checked on him a few times and then he was gone. My feelings are that he flew away, since he wasn’t in the surrounding area. Hopefully, that’s what happened.
So with two stories of assisting these related species, it was important for me to look into their meanings. In Ted Andrew’s book Animal Speak, he notes the differences between damselflies and dragonflies but lists them both under the same heading. They are messengers of the power of light. They are ancient, and when they appear it can be a sign that transformation is happening. Along with the description in the book, I looked at the way in which the interaction happened. These creatures didn’t just land on me or flit around my head, they presented themselves to me in a weakened state. They showed their vulnerability and they trusted me enough to let me assist them.
The episode from last summer happened at a time when I was resisting assistance. I was being territorial, also a dragonfly characteristic, and walling off my true feelings in exchange for a false sense of security. The friend that was with me is the one I was hiding from. So it only makes sense to me that the encounter with the damselflies and my friend was saying, let go, trust, and transform in to the light. It also revealed that my friend and I would help each other transform. I took the advice, and as I knew deep down, it was the best decision I could have made.
This year, the dragonfly was in a somewhat different state. When I thought that he couldn’t fly, I quickly checked online to learn more about what could be done for him. It turns out that dragonflies can fly with only one set of wings. Since I saw him using his wings on the dirt, I assumed that he had a different issue. I also learned that they can live many years. In fact, they don’t even leave the water until they are two years old. He was absolutely huge, signifying maturity, so I knew his message would relate to refinement. So when he disappeared from the tree stump, I saw that all he needed was a boost in order to fly high and return to the sky dance that dragonflies are known for.
At the time he appeared, I was working on my new website and was seeing a boom in clientele from out of state. These clients were mainly due to word of mouth from two clients I had in that area. So they were my boost. All I had to do was believe in myself and put that light into my website. I was transforming my work into something greater than it had been. That dragonfly showed me that I can fly even higher if I trust the process and those around me.
Both encounters also showed me that people come to me wide open and trust that I will not take advantage of or harm them. It’s a great responsibility, which I deeply appreciate and take seriously. And of course, my clients see me wide open as well. The synergy of light and trust and transformation is what this work is all about. I’m so glad that those creatures showed me so literally what was happening in my life. Plus, it’s so much fun to play with bugs!
Love, Rachel
PS: I’d love to hear your bug stories. If you have any, please share them below!
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A little double posting never hurt anyone

I really miss it here, so I'm going to start posting some of my essay/articles from here, too.  How do you like that?!  hehe.

If you want the full effect of the other site, just go here:

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Site

It's hard to believe I haven't been here in so long.  I have redone my other site though. has new articles and videos.  They center mostly around developing your sixth sense.  Best of all, my photos make the site so pretty :)  So check it out!  That's an order.  Here's a teaser...there's a picture of my baby cat sticking her head in a pachysandra.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Been a long time

It's been so long since I've blogged, I almost have jitters posting something new.  To get you up to speed, I've been busy with school, catching a baby squirrel in my bedroom, gazing at the country moon and over all, just being super happy.  I hope you are all happy, too.  Here are some photos that got lost in the shuffle:

This is from that freak snowstorm we had before Halloween.  I lost power for over a week...  Luckily cameras run on batteries :)

Meet Baby, my cat.  She's tiny and adorable.

This is Gunga, my Amazonian goddess cat.  She knows magic.

On the way to Litchfield to do some Christmas shopping. (I wasn't driving)

My obsession with photographing the sky through power lines.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey, you! Jellyfish!!!!

These pictures were taken yesterday at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.  I was really looking forward to seeing the jellyfish the most because they are so strange.  They look so delicate but they manage to survive.  The species on the top has mouths on its legs!  The group on the bottom live upside down, it seems to resemble plants and trick whatever they eat into their bellies.  They are all so beautiful.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Crevassed crimson, slightly chapped,
indents match where they meet.

Pupils dilate behind shuttered eyelids,
even brighter than beach sun you are.

So rested, so close to you,
touching - my shoulders reach for clouds.

I almost become one - blue and drifting,
yet substance weighs me down.

Your other hand in my hair
to say - stay, just a moment longer.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cart Part Two

I walked away
without a

even averted
eye contact before

getting up and
leaving to

call outside
around the corner.

Two French people
were sitting

table outside
so I returned

to bask in
their language.

left, she
came out.  She

silently sits in
front of

just clapped
her hands.  She

knows I'm writing
about her.

feel my
auric interrogation. She's

wearing a green
barrette in

which keeps
catching my eye.