Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So beautiful it felt like an island in the sky

These are pictures of Prince Edward Island in Canada.  It took a very long time to get there from CT but it was well worth the haul.  This was my first island vacation which is funny since I never thought of Canada as being an island destination.  There is a current that circulates warm water to the coast so the swimming was beyond fantastic.  The island's big attractions are the red sand beaches and the touristy Anne of Green Gables historic spots.  Whatever you choose to do there doesn't really matter.  It's all amazing. 

Girl. How do you want to be awake?

here's this guy. and then he said things.


Monday, August 23, 2010

fifteen hours and

Sure that settling,
that deep down dive in
to red sand beach currents
and dead crab writhing.

We sing it together
then gone so fast
like butterfly potion,
like rainbow explosion.

It's blues and guts
and pillows flying.
Reeks of old years
and absent whining.

A hand crossed over,
scratch behind my ear,
a goose bump wave
jump up both arms.

Danced out,
wail it out,
with motion constricted.

We watch the rain together
while silently departing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Why does your relationship picture look so angry?"

That is what this drawing is trying to figure out.  I was glad to receive this feedback today.  I'm ecstatic when people comment on the emotional content of a drawing.  The answer I see is this:  vulnerability.   An animal lying on his/her back on a bed of intense feeling.  Joy and passion can be scary when there is doubt involved.  The orange layer means the mental body is involved which is where the doubt can creep in.  I won't go too deep but I hope this answers the question. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

why wake up?

Come here
and (shhh, calm down)
these are my favorite places.
Step over the clouds,
but they are really sand bubbles
and this is a shelter.  Through
this bush is my world.  A pseudo
beach made just for dreams.

We can climb this wall- it's pink.
Then the jellyfish can't sting us.
But here we can skate across
the sunset tide water.  We are a blur.
Nothing sinks in.  Cotton candy, no-
not grainy like sugar...marshmallows.
But not sweet.  We just glide.

Relationship Month

This is happening

Ripped open


Silent rain to stare at.
Scratched leg with mosquito bites.
My keyboard doesn't want to type tonight.

It's reacting like I would prefer to.

Spaced out. 


Up, down and all around my camp.  Five days in beautiful Macedonia Brook State Park in CT was my treatment for almost-end-of-summer-itis.  It worked. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

And when I do

If there is something
deep in the valley,
for instance, a shallow
dug out place in a
low lying stream, one
left by a child who
overturned a rock,
then I'll find it.