Sunday, April 29, 2007


The spring fair at Hygeia went great. I read 17 people and gave them all drawings. Everyone was so pleased! I cannot express how surprised I was at the reaction the readings had on people. I am still beaming from the experience. Yeah! It was so much fun that the time flew by. At the end, Ruth decided to add me to their menu. So if you call Hygeia and ask for an aura reading you will get me. Getting to this point was much easier than I thought it ever could be. I wrote Ruth an email and now I am part of her center. Thank you Universe!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Necessity of Wealth?

I finally understand why Wallace Wattles, author of 'The Science of Getting Rich,' says that we need to be rich in order to live a spiritual life. I have found the correlation between my inner beliefs those beliefs that are being taught to me by LOA teachers. I have always felt that time does not exist but I wasn't sure how it really affected me. I think I got it! If I could do it my way, I would only do what I want to when I want to. It seems rather silly by the standards of society, but it's true. Who really wants to have such structure? I want to feel free to take a college class on what I want to learn when I want to learn it. I want to go to work when I feel like it. I want to experience city life and country life. There is great power and freedom to only feeling good! This is where I understand about being rich. I admit that when I first read that being rich is necessary to having a spiritual life I disagreed. But now that I feel ok about wanting to be happy. For me, at least I want the CHOICE of having great riches and having none. If I want to amass houses and clothes and cars because it would be a fun adventure I could if I was rich. And when I wanted to give everything away to others to experience having no possessions, I could feel free to do that because I would still be rich. What a relief this is to really get it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Back!

I am back from vacation. Yeah! I am glad to be home. Vacation always gives me a new perspective on my daily routine. Since I can look at it from far away I am better able to decide if it is working for me. One Abraham quote has been sticking in my mind for a while now...He says that "you do not have to go where you do not want to go to get to where you want to go." It seems simple enough, but when I apply it to my circumstances it is a tricky thing. I want to work at home making things for my store and I want to be a millionaire. I know that I can have these things but logic would tell me that I need to work at a conventional job until I am making money from my store. Especially if I want to be a millionaire, I would need a source of income. If I follow Abraham's advice and quit my job (because my job is somewhere I do not want to go) and just work on my store (somewhere I do want to go) I will be free and happy. I DO believe that it is possible. I DO believe that things will work out. There is some resistance though that is holding me back. Once I find that maybe I will be ok.

A funny thing happened to me today. On my way to work I found that the route I usually take is underwater. The road is blocked. I then tried all the other routes I know to get to work and they were all blocked due to flooding. I know there there is a way to get there because when I got home I called. Everyone is there but no one could explain to me how to get there. My boss said that it is fine that I just stay home and come in tomorrow. It is very possible that I am shifting already into a reality that does not allow me to do to work. I am pleased with this. Yeah!

I will let you know if I make it in tomorrow!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Possibility beyond words

The last post dealt with the sometimes negative way to come into psychic awareness. There are countless other ways to open yourself up to this which are comfortable. No matter how one comes into this, the outcome can be amazing. There are no words to describe the feeling of connection with the universe. As law of attraction students have learned, we live in illusion. We are all one with each other and everything else in the world. Being connected allows this knowledge to be seen, felt and believed. Seeing the spirit world is an awesome thing. Talking with deceased relatives makes the process of death much easier to deal with. There is no way to sum up my gratitude for the scary situations that I once endured. If not for that, I would still be struggling with believing what I knew intellectually. It can be easy to get wrapped around the initial discovery of this world, but once we allow it to be a part of us, it becomes second nature. Everyone has the potential to be aware because we all have souls which are always connected.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Initiated Teenagers

The circumstances surrounding my psychic awakening were, to say the least, very frightening. I was lucky enough to have parents who trusted me and chose not to put me away. Others are not that lucky. There is a lack of knowledge that is allowing teenagers who are brought into the psychic world to be doubly victimized. Too many kids are locked up in mental institutions because they don't know what is happening to them or because no one will believe them. When young children are commenting on 'imaginary friends' the comments are dismissed by the parents. When teenagers talk about seeing spirits or hearing spirits, they are brought to psychiatrists. We need to raise awareness of this issue to save the mental health of a growing number of teens.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hygiea Spring Fair

I will be reading auras at the Hygiea Spring Fair April 28 from 11-4. There are many services being provided such as chair massage, body scans, polarity therapy, reiki and more. Practitioners are charging up to $10.00. Some will be FREE! Yippee!!
Check out the website

Tell all your friends and come see me. It will be great.