Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rachel Keep Calm

Please keep calm, Rachel.  Don't be a little kid and throw stuff and swear at electronic devices because then you will forget the water boiling on the stove and burn the house down.  Make your organic mac and cheese and then add the extra cheese like you do and eat it and remember to breathe.  Don't just shove it in your mouth, chew it slowly and relax your shoulders.  They look a little elevated.  I know it seems that nothing is quite working out today but at least that live chat you had with the AT&T representative was pleasant.  You didn't swear or lie or threaten her.  She was unable to tell you why you can receive text messages but not send them, but that isn't her fault.  It is also alright that you decided to download the updated version of software for your phone and sync it up to the computer just so the program could tell you that you already have the most current software.  That's ok.  Just relax.  I guess it's a little worrisome that your phone won't turn on now.  But at least you don't have to worry about not being able to reply to people's text messages. 

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