Friday, November 9, 2007

Wow, crazy things are happenin'

With all that I have been through you'd think I wouldn't be suprised by supernatural phenomena...
Well, I am not immune to being surprised or even scared. A few months ago I started seeing through walls. It didn't happen all the time, but a few times a day it would happen. Glancing to the left and noticing the closet through the bedroom wall happened the most. Of course I thought I was just hallucinating, but nope. It still happens sometimes. I don't pay much attention to it because I don't want to it so stop. For now I am just observing. Well, there is really no point to this...comments are welcome :)


Sunday, October 7, 2007

New Directions

Which direction, who knows! Whatever creative sparks I am in tune with lately have given me a surge of passion. A hole starting from my heart chakra extends far beyond my physical body and a new world is calling me to paint it. The timing is right for such a thing to occur as a new moon approaches this week. After I finish the series of paintings I will post the images.

If any of you out there are feeling the need to create wildly, go for it! The release of emotions and ideas into art is therapeutic and magical. Feel free to post your art here and show the rest of us.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Lisa Williams, Great Show

I just watched the Lisa Williams show on lifetime. She is great! I am so glad to see readings right there on television for everyone to see. People cry, get hugs, laugh... It is a true representation of a medium's readings. If you have been wanting a reading but are a little hesitant I encourage you to check out her show. Thanks Lisa for bringing mediums up out of the darkess and showing the world that we are only around to help!

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Schedule, New Classes

Hygeia has welcomed me in and I will be giving walk-in readings throughout the week in addition to the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Feel free to stop in anytime, if you see the sign outside "The Psychic Is In," that's me! I am so happy to be there and am ready for your reading.

New classes are in the works. I will be teaching Intuitive drawing/painting and Energy Awareness. Very exciting stuff designed to sensitize people to the subtle world of energy. Schedules for these classes and detailed descriptions are to come.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I am leaving the world for the forest

and hoping that the knomes and faeries will help me out

charging forth with little sight

making randomness and eager for it to be something

waiting for a response

I have decided to leave school and pursue a real life

a life with meaning and value to others

giving of myself, feeling great

feeling beyond myself

I am expanding into you and anyone else who enters my field

it is an exciting time and yet

intimidating as blank paper

I am a wasp caught on the wrong side of the window

banging my body into the glass and waiting

until I fly into the open air

so sephyrus – bringer of light, a ship who will carry people to themselves

hail them aboard and turn them around until they smack into a land unfamiliar but looked at everyday in the mirror. Commune with their souls and say 'welcome home'

my mission, however carried out is this.

My intention – to bring people to themselves

as I have done with me!


Love Rachel

Saturday, July 14, 2007

'Chat With a Medium' at Hygeia

I felt the need to post about my experiences today at Hygeia. I hosted my first class today and it went fabulously. The connection between the guests and the positive attitudes were overwhelming. We discussed the role of spirit guides, what energy looks like and how to view your own aura. The participants came in not realizing that they see energy everyday and left with a sense of empowerment knowing they can do more than they think. I want to thank everyone who came in today. My role at Hygeia has empowered me more than I every could have predicted...and I'm psychic... :)


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Colors of the Soul

I have been reading 'Destiny of Souls,' by Newton and I was brought new insight into my preference of colors. Colors have always had a profound influence on me and I use them everyday to evoke certain moods or to explain situations or emotions. Newton's book describes the ascention of souls and their corresponding colors. Here is the order he describes:

level I
1. white
2. off-white, gray with tints of pink
Level II
3. white and reddish pink
4. light orange yellow with tints of white
Level III
5. yellow
Level III-IV
6. deep gold, gold with tints of green
Level IV
7. green or brownish green
Level V
8. light blue, light blue with gold; green or brown tints
Level V-VI
9. Deep Blue
Level VI-Higher Levels
10. Deep Blue with tints of purple
Higher Levels
11. Purple

As a child until recently I abhorred the color pink. I would not let it near me and when I accidentally colored my hair pink I wore a hat until it washed out. Even though an equal amount of respect and love goes to all levels of souls, I felt it going backwards to portray myself as pink. As I got older I colored my hair often and my color of choice is green. I feel most at home wearing green clothing, having green hair and also surrounding myself in the green of nature. This is not to say that my soul level is green, but that I feel at peace being green on earth. Before my fascination with green truly got out of hand I thought of myself as a yellow. My husband referred to me as yellow and I accepted this at the time. It is possible that I have evolved past this in my years on earth. I will only be certain when I arrive back home.

If you are particular to a certain color it may mean that your soul is currently in that color level. Especially if you feel drawn to that color more than others for an extended period of time. Short term color usages could mean that you are using that color to overcome specific events or shortcomings.

Reading up on the meaning of colors is sometimes difficult because almost every culture has a different interpretation. Using your intuition is usually best. It is easy to determine what colors mean to you. Make large color cards or gather clothing in a range of colors. One at a time, hold each color in front of you and relax. Record what each color makes you feel inside. Does red elicit energy to excersize or do you feel like taking a nap?

If this does not help, you can be aware of what color of clothing you grab in the mornings when you feel most tired and when you feel the most energized. This knowledge can be helpdul when you desire a boost in evergy. You can also take relaxing colored clothing on vacation.

Color is a magnificent thing and it is yours to admire or use in any way you wish.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comments Welcome

I have been doing many readings lately. It is hard to put into words what it is like to connect people with spirits. All I can say is that I am grateful for the opportunity. If you have had a reading and would like to reflect or comment, here's your spot. Thanks!


Sunday, April 29, 2007


The spring fair at Hygeia went great. I read 17 people and gave them all drawings. Everyone was so pleased! I cannot express how surprised I was at the reaction the readings had on people. I am still beaming from the experience. Yeah! It was so much fun that the time flew by. At the end, Ruth decided to add me to their menu. So if you call Hygeia and ask for an aura reading you will get me. Getting to this point was much easier than I thought it ever could be. I wrote Ruth an email and now I am part of her center. Thank you Universe!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Necessity of Wealth?

I finally understand why Wallace Wattles, author of 'The Science of Getting Rich,' says that we need to be rich in order to live a spiritual life. I have found the correlation between my inner beliefs those beliefs that are being taught to me by LOA teachers. I have always felt that time does not exist but I wasn't sure how it really affected me. I think I got it! If I could do it my way, I would only do what I want to when I want to. It seems rather silly by the standards of society, but it's true. Who really wants to have such structure? I want to feel free to take a college class on what I want to learn when I want to learn it. I want to go to work when I feel like it. I want to experience city life and country life. There is great power and freedom to only feeling good! This is where I understand about being rich. I admit that when I first read that being rich is necessary to having a spiritual life I disagreed. But now that I feel ok about wanting to be happy. For me, at least I want the CHOICE of having great riches and having none. If I want to amass houses and clothes and cars because it would be a fun adventure I could if I was rich. And when I wanted to give everything away to others to experience having no possessions, I could feel free to do that because I would still be rich. What a relief this is to really get it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Back!

I am back from vacation. Yeah! I am glad to be home. Vacation always gives me a new perspective on my daily routine. Since I can look at it from far away I am better able to decide if it is working for me. One Abraham quote has been sticking in my mind for a while now...He says that "you do not have to go where you do not want to go to get to where you want to go." It seems simple enough, but when I apply it to my circumstances it is a tricky thing. I want to work at home making things for my store and I want to be a millionaire. I know that I can have these things but logic would tell me that I need to work at a conventional job until I am making money from my store. Especially if I want to be a millionaire, I would need a source of income. If I follow Abraham's advice and quit my job (because my job is somewhere I do not want to go) and just work on my store (somewhere I do want to go) I will be free and happy. I DO believe that it is possible. I DO believe that things will work out. There is some resistance though that is holding me back. Once I find that maybe I will be ok.

A funny thing happened to me today. On my way to work I found that the route I usually take is underwater. The road is blocked. I then tried all the other routes I know to get to work and they were all blocked due to flooding. I know there there is a way to get there because when I got home I called. Everyone is there but no one could explain to me how to get there. My boss said that it is fine that I just stay home and come in tomorrow. It is very possible that I am shifting already into a reality that does not allow me to do to work. I am pleased with this. Yeah!

I will let you know if I make it in tomorrow!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Possibility beyond words

The last post dealt with the sometimes negative way to come into psychic awareness. There are countless other ways to open yourself up to this which are comfortable. No matter how one comes into this, the outcome can be amazing. There are no words to describe the feeling of connection with the universe. As law of attraction students have learned, we live in illusion. We are all one with each other and everything else in the world. Being connected allows this knowledge to be seen, felt and believed. Seeing the spirit world is an awesome thing. Talking with deceased relatives makes the process of death much easier to deal with. There is no way to sum up my gratitude for the scary situations that I once endured. If not for that, I would still be struggling with believing what I knew intellectually. It can be easy to get wrapped around the initial discovery of this world, but once we allow it to be a part of us, it becomes second nature. Everyone has the potential to be aware because we all have souls which are always connected.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Initiated Teenagers

The circumstances surrounding my psychic awakening were, to say the least, very frightening. I was lucky enough to have parents who trusted me and chose not to put me away. Others are not that lucky. There is a lack of knowledge that is allowing teenagers who are brought into the psychic world to be doubly victimized. Too many kids are locked up in mental institutions because they don't know what is happening to them or because no one will believe them. When young children are commenting on 'imaginary friends' the comments are dismissed by the parents. When teenagers talk about seeing spirits or hearing spirits, they are brought to psychiatrists. We need to raise awareness of this issue to save the mental health of a growing number of teens.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hygiea Spring Fair

I will be reading auras at the Hygiea Spring Fair April 28 from 11-4. There are many services being provided such as chair massage, body scans, polarity therapy, reiki and more. Practitioners are charging up to $10.00. Some will be FREE! Yippee!!
Check out the website

Tell all your friends and come see me. It will be great.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here's the scoop on getting what you want in life.

I have been doing a lot of studying lately on the law of attraction. You may have heard of The Secret, a dvd about this subject, which is wildly popular at the moment. But if you are unfamiliar with the law of attraction, here it is: what ever your thoughts and emotions are focused on, you attract into your life. This is because everything in this universe is made of energy. Cars, emotions, rocks, people, food, thoughts, money...everything is made of energy. And it is all the same energy. There is no difference from a physics perspective of the energy in a rock to the energy in your thoughts. Because this is so, when you focus your thoughts and emotions on something, you are drawing that thing to you. You project your energy and intentions into the universe and attract whatever you are focused on. Once I heard the principles of this I looked into my past and saw how I created my life.

When I was looking for a job a few years ago. I had very specific requirements including the ability to make my own hours, earn more money per hour that I ever made before and have it be something enjoyable. This was the job I wanted and I was certain that I would find it. I kept looking in the paper every day and within a month I saw an ad that jumped out at me. The job was for part-time gardening help. I called the woman from the ad and went to see her about the job. It turned out that the job payed two dollars more an hour than I had ever made before, I could make my own schedule and it was something I definitely enjoyed. The woman hired me on the spot only noting that she was expecting someone older. I had not realized at the time that I was sending my intention into the universe and allowing it to come to me, but I did feel overjoyed that I had found exactly what I wanted. If you think back into your past I am sure you can see how you created your life. The unfortunate thing about this law is that it doesn't matter if we perceive things as good or bad.

If you hate your boss and complain all the time about it, then the situation will always be that you hate your boss. If you want a new job and have an expectation that the perfect job for you is out there, you will find it. Basically, you can attract anything you put your focus on. And you will attract everything you put your focus on. What we can do with this information now is to make sure that we create deliberately.

Most of us have been creating our lives by default. We create situations because we feel fear, lack and judgment. These are the times when things don't go our way. When we feel like we don't have enough money to buy a new car or the clothes we want, we create the circumstances to make that true. When we are feeling great and abundant we always manage to find the things we have been desiring. Sometimes these things come as gifts or we see that we really can afford that new car. The trick to making this work for you is by feeling great and in the flow with life. We know that things always have a way of working out. When we truly believe this to be true, then it is. It is that simple. When we believe that good things will happen to us, we are allowing them to come to us. If we choose to deny this and believe that we are doomed, we are only setting ourselves up for that to come true.

Sometimes even when we want to believe that we can create better lives for ourselves we just can't feel that it is true. We have inner issues that pop up and they hold us back from receiving life's abundance. This is usually when we turn to self-help books, cd's or other people for help. This can be dangerous because it brings our attention off of our true selves. When we feel blocks or negative emotions inside us, we need to go inside to relieve it. We are all whole already and do not need any outside information to guide us back to being in the flow with life. When uncomfortable feelings arise in you, welcome that feeling and decide to let it go. If you have never heard of the Sedona Method, I recommend checking out the website at What they offer is a gentle way of letting go of unwanted feelings. Feelings are not connected to us, we are simply holding on to them. If you decide you want to let them go, simple do that and they disappear.

When these negative feelings are gone, we have room for peace and joy to fill up that space. When we are filled with joy, only good things will come our way. We are free to attract and receive all that we want and we find that little or no effort is involved. The universe has a way of delivering ideas, people and circumstances to match our desires effortlessly. So dream up your new life, have fun, let go and feel the joy that is all around you.

For more information, email me at

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Text + Visuals

Offer: Yes, I Accept

Driving by the overfilled stream on the way to work, I saw you. You were wearing the orange and blue striped shirt that is two sizes too big. Your faded black jeans were wet up to the knees. If we were kids I would have pushed you in the water. You'd get soaked and then you could blame it all on me. Your mom would ask me not to do that ever again because you catch colds so easily. I would say, "yes, of course, I'm really sorry." Then we would walk outside and sit on the driveway so you could dry off in the sun. I'd lay back and get little bits of gravel in my hair and we'd close our eyes to see what shapes appear behind our eyelids. We'd be good friends. Easy. It doesn't work that way anymore, though. I didn't stop the car, I kept driving by. The image is still in my mind. I'm home now. I should have stopped and pushed you. Maybe I've just lost my nerve.

What if I had pulled over and gotten out of the car? Maybe you would look away after seeing me and pretend that I wasn't coming up behind you. The noise of my sneakers crunching leaves and branches brushing my jeans would keep your face locked on the water. When I was close enough, I would touch your sleeve with my hand making sure to only disrupt the fabric. I've never touched you before.

For my benefit I reserve your reactions to be plain and dry. I would accept anything from you. I've always known that I am one word away from being told to fuck off. Your reaction is not for me, it is for you. So you can feel whole, not alone. You had to try. But after you turn around and show me your face, down on the bank of the stream, I would push you in. I believe this act is larger than I ever imagined. Whatever brought my eyes down to the stream today is more than I can fight off. Whatever brought your feet into that stream is telling me that you are with me. That's all I need to know.

Oh Shit

we're the same thing.
i never even thought of that.
too scared to draw the eyes.

This One

claim it

thank you


Welcomed Frustration

do we

up with this?
basic human

has been disabled
after all...

there is
room for more.

Picking up the Comments

you've become a real woman
you're hair is long
it's dead
it looks nice like that
did my hair look bad?
your hair's gotten long
it changed your face shape
what does that mean?
nice pants
yeah, check out my ass in these!
i look forward to seeing what you're going to wear now
you have cute stuff
now i wear it
you don't have to work
i still work
i hate you
that's a compliment coming from you
where's little mousy?
wow, your hair's gotten long
cute shoes
i like shoes
with animals it's defensiveness
yeah, i didn't feel anything

It's me

I may be too tired for this.

Too ineffectual to redeem my spot.

Just look, really try. for me. Because I hate this shit. Apologizing is like groveling.

Why can't you just meet me half way?

Must you always make me feel ridiculous?

It's not you, of course.


without even
a game. cut

my own
doing. now what.


Where did the beauty go? Did time forget to grab its hand? Under that floor. Asleep for years now. It's not peeking anymore. I need to catch up with it. Sprint for it. Down south. Where the sun warms it to speed and the water cools it to stay.


Happy man or
old dying


missing lives
why do you come back?

This Day

The light reflections
make it better.

So young.
So China Doll.

At Work


They're just trees, evergreen trees. They make a funny picture when you
look through the needles to the other side. I got stuck in one at my
grandma's house. I could climb high, but never get down.


We made love in a shallow stream. The current submitted to our
disruption. Laughing, it said, "why not view the fish from above?"


Stuck Shoe
The siren snarled it's way to my mother. Kate's bike flashed sun rays
in children's eyes. We didn't have cell phones in those days.


I'm not a poet or a painter, just a simple glow, a flash. You'll
remember me as being temporary. I smile, turn my head away from you and
I'm gone.


The copier sounds like a Gerbil today.


Distaste for,
"what now?"
Distaste for that bit underneath which sticks. To the ribs. Scraping,
even with a chisel, it won't be unstuck.


Where am I?
Right here.
Typing at my keyboard.


where does my smoke go when I exhale
and why do you always know what will
make me smile? The grievance I have
with my Grandfather is inside of me.
Unreality then harshness. Brutal.
My honesty cuts through. Abstract.
Relief of senses and intimacy.
We have an immature relationship.
Just telling you about me,
I am tearing myself apart. You
should be asking me. It's all
in my mind. I am mad. What is
your real name and why do I know
you so well? Don't you want to
know? Why won't you let me tell
you? Just look at me and ask.
Always caught between myself.
Which should I be right now?
Eyes change dark to flourescent
every day. Every day, Every day.
Singularity, clarity, few.
You know there is no influencer
now? I threw it in the trash.
Folded in two. Like midnight
they came and went. Illuminated
and space. Onto your ciggarrettes.
Lost at darkness, not. Better
able to see with the eyes open.
Your floating, peeping in, I like.
Would love to see you more. You
looked small today, shocked. I
could kiss you. Would kiss you.
Want to. None better time than
in spirit. But not again, this
mix of real. Which one is it?
Romanced by something I can't
understand. Now that interference
is immaterial. Shouting, louder.
Me, on me, myself, who now?
Getting there. Paint a picture.

Minimal Overlap


Maybe I can only write when you're around...

My new wool sweater is chafing my neck right now. I'm creating a barrier with my hand. Holding my shoulder and examining my pointy bones with my pinky. We're not made of much- mostly air and water. What's that flow I feel blocked? You're not around. I'm empty.

so close

i bleed this you know i plaster my innerds on this canvas not for you for my survival terrible fantastic pressure is building what happens when we feed from the same vein clear the same be honest not yet there is still something in the air above waiting for another strike of artifice


I don't like the way your spoon is facing me.
Please turn it around.

"jolly pop, jam."

Learn the words please,
if you'll address me again.

"Words are no good here"

Well, where are we?

"We are where you are"

[the pencils are talking to me. my chalk is crackling. I have more pimples]

ochre, the color of the day
I'd rather smush them all together.

What's with the garden equipment?

"they are garages."

You don't get to have a shadow when you
have no clothes on.


"I can't USE my words this time. And I already messed it up."

trojan downing hours
sleep time. bridge. mail's here.
pathway, shrubbery, pond ache
distant, shelling _______.

A veces, este chica este muy loca

I want to fuck the world and eat cheesecake until I puke. Discover the inner body -go tubing, naked, inside the veins of a dear friend. Scream until my throat is bloody and punch trees or throw rocks into the ocean. Miss the pipe and kill a fish (sorry fishie). I hate you, everybody. I never had tantrums, I was a perfect little kid. (Until I was nine) I want to run, fly to Frenchies and pretend I come from England. I only want to speak Spanish. I want to tell this life's story and every other life's story to everyone. I want you to know how I feel all the time. I only want to be called -supercilious. I don't want to go back to work. I don't want to wake up. I don't want to be anything but me all the time and everywhere I go. And sometimes I can't figure out who that is because it is always changing.

synopsis: I cannot relax until you know it all.

para mas detalles escribes a raquelle - lo siento, hago una chiste, pero soy realmente fucking tuercas!

Astrally Speaking

That was not love - the line of violence, you wouldn't kiss me. Against the living room wall, I could see the blue and white pattern of the couch cover. The little one trying to speak, but lacking the vocabulary of what he was witnessing. Dusk indoors, saliva glistening on my shoulder. It excited me, but not enough. There was an absence too great to pretend I would ever do it again.


I'd rather sink down deep
show you my dinosaur scales

I don't want to go to sleep yet

It could have been a hat, but it looked like she had green hair.
Listened to some good advice over and over and over.
Made some funny noises while dancing to the stove.
Grapefruit body wash put aside for the mud soap.
Cleaned the chalk dust from the kitchen table.
Drank some arnica flower essence in water.
Turned myself on once buying a bra.
My collar bone really freaks me out.
I was definitely a man before.
Grey's anatomy is on tv.
Not tired, yet.
Wet hair.


I am the universe
You are my held out hand

Look into my eyes
And tell me we have never loved


I'm peeking out from behind the clouds. Are you there?
I see you, but do you know who you are?
I found out alone and still there I sleep.
Waiting for the understanding
In which I keep.

Translating for the Blue One


"Nice map."

"Where does it go?"

"Let's find out."

to your mountain."


Wash yourself. You
smell like


Soak you up
I could,

In Observance

Ignore the relevant.
Stick with