Friday, February 19, 2010

I have heartburn

Which is something I never usually get.  My Dad got me dinner tonight, penne with cream sauce and chicken, mushrooms and bacon, bread and a side salad.  I ate most of it, put it in the fridge and then went back for more.  I'm not even a fan of bacon but the dinner was delicious so I ate it.  That must have put me over the edge...  I  wonder what people do to get rid of heartburn.  I always saw people drinking soda so I went to the store to get  some but I ended up leaving with out any.  I don't really like soda.  I started out the day healthy with a fruit smoothie but from lunch on my diet sucked.  I had chicken tenders with ketchup for lunch then some brownies and later I caved and ate the two apricot cream chocolates left in the box.  I should just throw the box out, all that is left is orange cream and strawberry cream.  I just can't stand wasting it.  So this boring nonsense is being blogged because it's 2am and I napped earlier so I'm in the stage of being too awake to sleep but too sleepy to do or write anything of interest. 

I saw a jazz band last night and they were great.  There's something so sexy about an upright bass.  All of the musicians were very talented.  I wish I knew their name so I could post a video or something.  I'm going to Austin next week so I hope to see great music.  I have a video recorder on my phone so I'll try to take some while I'm there.  If anyone knows of cool things to do in Austin let me know.  I can't wait to be in warmer weather!  I'm a Spring baby so all of this cold is getting to me.  I'm so glad I bought more flowers, I love looking up and seeing them and also smelling them :) 

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