Sunday, February 28, 2010


Austin is amazing.  The people here are beyond nice.  It's hard to put into words how different the vibe is here as opposed to Connecticut.  I love it in Milford, being on the beach, seeing friends I've known since Kindergarten, hanging out in local coffeeshops and enjoying the overall Milford thang, but Austin is another world entirely.   The people I've met so far truly embrace the sharing/eco-living philosophy.  The house I'm staying in now has a few chickens and a rooster out back, they separate their trash and burn the 'burnables,'  and the housemates all get along, sing and play guitar together and play games.  I haven't seen a locked front door here yet, either.

I've often wondered if living in Austin would somehow be detrimental to my professional ambitions.  Connecticut has a built in pressure to succeed that most of the country doesn't.  The air is thick with urgency, greed and high social standards that you can't help but be surrounded by even if your personal ideals are different.  Even now,  I'm sitting outside at a plywood table in 60 degree weather blogging.  I just passed up an opportunity to go meet some more people because I 'need' to get some work done.  My Connecticut muscle tension hasn't completely faded yet. 

It is becoming apparent to me as I travel to different countries and states that an outside pressure isn't needed to make your life what you want it.  It may have worked so far to channel the inherent gogettum energy of the place I grew up but it can also come from inside.  Is it possible that I can relax and also make my career what I want it to be?  Yes, of course.  :)-  The thought of going back to CT in a few weeks and going back to a day job, even for a few months is starting to seem unnecessary.  It's the old way to get from A to B and being surrounded by proof of another option is too tempting to dismiss.   

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