Monday, September 19, 2016


You look like a doll. 
You’re my age, right?
Wow, you’re a big, beautiful, blue being!
You are so feminine. 
You are gender fluid. 
Your eyes hold the cosmos. 
Let’s be honest, you have a long nose. 
That would explain your unusual face shape. 
We have a prickly complexion.  
You are Pleiadian. 
You are Zeta. 
I see you’re getting to know you’re a Hybrid. 
You have virgin hair. 
You dance? 
I never would have pegged you as a snob! 
You are such a lesbian. 
Oh, you’re bisexual. 
I ordered the vegan pizza for you. 
How long have you been a naturalist? 
This is my wife. 
My Girlfriend has a gluten allergy. 
I have the best daughters in the world. 
I’m so proud of you, you’ve grown into an amazing woman. 
Oh, you’re an artist like Bonnie.
Spiritual teacher, poet, intuitive, channeler, psychic, entrepreneur.
You need boundaries.
Your posture is horrible. 
Your chakras are unbalanced.
You’re not grounded.
OK, smiley. 

I never would have guessed.