Saturday, November 5, 2016

For fun


Another thing I did in Sedona was attend a screening of Dancer. You may recognize Sergei Polunin from his "Take me to Church" (Hozier) ballet. I highly recommend seeing the documentary if it's playing near you.

I love escaping into art. It makes me feel more alive. Watching people who dedicate their lives to it is so inspiring. Sergei's story is fascinating, too. He's not the typical dancer. In fact, he arranged this performance to be his last. Here's more info:



feel sexy
in oversized work 

pants, purple lipstick, 
and butterfly 

Retreat Painting by my Students

I hosted a retreat for my Certified Intuitive Artist Practitioners last week. We were in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona for 6 nights (it was blissful). And they decided to paint me a picture. It's got a lot of meaning within the colors and shapes, but I saw a bit more. So I made a poem about it.

Karma Pose 
One hand raised
threatening to 
Head to the 
side, neck

Big Desire

What I have is Big Desire.

The remedy: evolution,

honesty. (I want you)

I envision grandeur of spirit and nature.

Being scared in my tent.

Carrying bear spray to work.

Learning to bike in snow.

Loving more than one at a time.
(In more way than one.)

No gender. No sexual preference.

Bursting sun.

Dancing through storm.

Inviting all who care to watch.


Jumping through life.

A kid high on hopscotch.


finger buried in sand
Tangiers’ ocean crowded

wave spilling trout out
the wrong water source

in the back of the cabin
a loose door cracks open

hinges are rusty and unlatched

a breeze sneaks in
during nap time

spiral thoughts uplift 

from dark to distilled