Monday, February 1, 2010


There are many instances where I wish time was not popular.  Time.  The force of pressure.   I pretend time has no value.  Sleep will happen when the body is fatigued.  Eating will occur when the body is famished.  Electrical cues will notify the brain of its wants.  It's all a case of avoidance of the inner conditioning; this wish.  The lives we lead, even though we do not live in a communist society, are templated.  We choose the colors, the layout, the fonts.  How bold do we want to be?  As we travel outside the preset design and add changes, not remembering what will happen if we hit "reset to default," life becomes unstable.  This is a projection.  Projected fear of the unknown.  That's all there is to keep the template popular.  Drag and drop.  Customize at will, often.  What message does the body send then?  Expand or contract? 

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