Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

You can eat out of trash!

A wonderful customer of mine recently asked me if I wanted her empty sampler pack back. She has several of them and didn't want to throw them away. I have quite a stock of them myself so I wondered what I could do with them. Re-using them for customers wouldn't work because the label is pretty permanent. I was thinking about my garden when I realized they are perfect as seed starter trays. So here's my pictoguide to reusing your empty votive packs:

While palm wax is bio-degradable and edible (yes, edible!) the fragrance oil is not. So make sure to wash the plastic well with hot soapy water.

Add your potting mixture.

The packs have 12 wells designed to separate the votives, these make the perfect root dividers. Place your seeds in the center of the wells and cover lightly with soil. Follow the directions on the seed packet for seed depth. Moisten the soil.

Use a marker or pen on the label so you know what seeds are in the pack. Place in a sunny spot and close the cover to keep in the moisture. Once the seeds sprout, open the cover to prevent mold.

That's it :) Have fun planting and recycling!

Spring Scents.....pretty picture

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's up with 2012? Here's the science:

This is an amazing show! If you have been wondering what the deal with 2012 is, Gregg Braden says it better than I ever could and backs it up with science. The earth will be fine and we are not going to die... but listen to his reasons (and caveats).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Class!! Psychic Development Series

I am so excited about this class! it is a six week course tapping into many different modalities to help you expand your psychic senses. The price can't be beat either. Hope to see you there!

Psychic Development Series
with Rachel Andrews

6 week class series, Wednesdays 6-7PM Beginning April 22
(4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27)
Develop your psychic skills with this fantastic class series led by energy intuitive Rachel Andrews. Learn to draw and see auras and energy patterns and practice spoonbending, meet and talk with an angel and more. We all have psychic powers and the potential to see the other side -- it just takes practice and an open mind. Pre-registration required. Cost: $105

This class is held at
Hygeia : A Natural Health Center & New Age Shop
337B Kent Rd (Moving April 1st to 266 Kent Rd.), New Milford, CT 06776
Open: T-F: 10 - 5:30 Sat: 10 - 3
(860) 355-1268 info@hygeiaonline.com

From the House of Bread

Found out today that my printer can read my data card from my camera, yes!
Here's some home-made rye and pizza dough:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

creepy awesome music

I am such a sucker for artists who can convey hope and sadness together. The Toadies may not be as good at this as Radiohead or Pink Floyd (wish you were here), but the Toadies do it with power chords.

Just Ingredients Please (except for the strawberry poptarts)

Being self-employed can be marvelous for the spirit but tough on the budget. I've made a game out of saving money and it's paying off in other ways too. Making bread from scratch along with cookies, rolls, pizza dough is so much fun. I did this all the time when Joe and I were first married, I just got out of the habit. It costs pennies to make a loaf of bread. Today I made rye and we ate it with dinner. The crust was so crispy and eating it while it was still warm solved the cold butter/tearing bread issue. woohoo! Other menu items this week include bean and rice burritos that I am making in bulk to freeze for convenience and chicken pot pie. Making all of these dishes in the traditional way, with the ingredients instead of a box, is so rewarding. There are so many great recipes for flour tortillas and they are quick and easy to make. They freeze well, too. Another benefit of making your own breads/meals from scratch is quality control. With genetically modified grains and vegetables being the norm in this country you can almost guarantee that prepackaged foods contain at least one. The only way to guard against it is to buy organic or products labeled non-gmo. If you don't have the time to knead, rest, repeat for breads you can purchase a bread machine. I have the toastmaster bread box which is easy to use and clean. And if you buy one used (check freecycle for a free one!) you can download almost any manual online. So happy bread making! Who knew being frugal could be so much fun?

PS: I took pics of my bread and pizza dough only to find out that my camera, a pretty standard model Canon Powershot G2, isn't compatible with window's vista and canon does not plan to update the drivers for vista! great...

Monday, March 16, 2009

worst nightmare

Another lifetime movie night, actually I'm switching between The City (mtv) and Confessions of a Go-Go Girl (lifetime). The main character grows up wealthy/stifled and plans to attend law school. She decides to switch to acting and her parents practically disown her and make her pay for acting school on her own. So, of course, she starts dancing! I guess that's logical in the movies. She keeps it a secret from her uptight parents and boyfriend until they catch the act. That always happens, but it's really a girl's worst nightmare. Didn't stop her it seems...but the movie isn't over yet.

wait- there's more!
the goodgirlgonehalfnaked's friend decided she wanted to bring in the 'big bucks' so she went in for a boob job. She died on the table from a cocaine/anesthesia reaction. This movie is too much.



monday night tv

because i'm into you

good for you

push in your chair

change your shoes


family portrait

i love you


remember me

i'm not gone

welcomed frustration

so actually...how
do we

up with this?
basic human

has been disabled
after all...

there is
room for more.

Friday, March 13, 2009

mugwort tea

i'm not an herbalist or even very knowledgeable about the subject. If I die please forward my mail. Small beads of sweat break through on the forehead. Get the stink of poodle breath out. I feel far away.