Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wow, pop! Art.

I've been trolling Etsy for abstract art and found Michelle's shop MDaisleyMoffitt. She works with a soothing, yet spirited color pallette and I get the sense that her images are a secret code. Even through the layers of shapes and colors there is a clarity. I could stare at her paintings for hours!

One of my favorites is 'Between Earth and Sky' :

Here's another favorite, 'Sound and Silence':

She works with a variety of media including (but not limited to) charcoal, watercolors, acrylics and graphite. Here's a bit from her Artist Statement:

"I feel my work speaks visually of my personality in ways that I choose not to speak verbally. It explores the depth of my soul and mind. When I work on these images, the universality of the range of primal emotions alive in every individual is explored on a grand scale and for this reason I feel they are objects to which every person can relate in one way or another. My intention is to translate the beauty of the human experience through the images I produce, not by simply explaining but by evoking."

I can't speak enough of how much I love her work... So go on now, check it out! (she's even having a sale!)

Thanks Michelle for doing what you do!

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