Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Serving You

You Got Served is on BET right now. It's a movie about street dance crews & the daily life in the 'hood. Someone gets shot, there is romance drama and of course...lots of dancing! It's not the best dance movie by any means, but it does offer great shots of rehearsals and competitions of dance crews. I love all dance movies and performances. But I guess street dancing particularly intrigues me because I can relate to their art. I'm kind of a street artist. Y'all can be in my crew. We'll do flips off each other's backs and do head spins on cardboard squares. We'll shout out improv poetry and squirt paint onto walls from mustard bottles. It'll be off the chain, holla! Woohoo for bad dance movies!

BTW - A GREAT dance movie is The Red Shoes.


William Keckler said...

Bad dance movies?

Yeah, don't forget Lambada: The Forbidden Dance.

Great dance movies?

How about All That Jazz?

Except don't watch it alone late at night (I did! Schtupid!)

It's so sad!

My favorite B.E.T. show was HELL DATE, until they revamped it and ruined it.

The original format and cast was perfect.

Rachel said...

I never saw Hell Date. Some station has been playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun a lot lately, with Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. That's a great one, well, the good bad kind. I showed my little sista Flashdance once and she asked me if it was a spoof. Those 80's movies are so cheesy they do seem like parodies, but the cheese is what makes them so wonderful.