Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Happy man or
old dying


William Keckler said...

this is scary.

too real.

golub golub.

William Keckler said...
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Rachel said...

This is of a guy I work with. He's super old looking and all he does is walk around the plant, inside and out, and empty trash cans. I always smile when I pass him, and sometimes he nods back. His mouth is normally open and he looks sad but hopeful. I saw him outside and I couldn't tell if the wind was making his eyes water or if he was upset. So I wrote that poem on the way back to my desk after seeing him. I also though of it being,

wind-blown man or
old dying

But I really wanted the word happy in there.

William Keckler said...

that's a great image though!

the idea you see someone with eyes watering and the wind is blowing and you don't know which it is.

beautiful ambiguity.

great crystallization.

it's an awesome piece.

it's so hard to do faces today and make them seem new in any way.

yours do.

that's really hard after cubism, expressionism, fauvism, intimism, and the twenty other phases...

i like the way your portraits selectively cull from different modalities like that but then but the screws to them and make it new.

you foreground the artificial and the artifice.

which is interesting b/c of what it says about personality as artifice.

and of course you like catching people in very naked moments (like this one) where we see everything...

that's a scary gift.

portraiture has to be one of the hardest things to pull off anymore.