Monday, October 20, 2008

oh, Love

I know the word love has so many different
connotations, that to use it means pretty
much nothing. And from what I hear,
this new world we are about to be living
in- a new word will emerge. Although
a new word may not be necessary. I am
not talking about us all dying off and being
transported to another dimension, that is
probably for a much later date, although I
really know nothing at all of what is
going to happen. Just feelings that I
get. Love will be a constant in most
people's lives. Love will be for everyone
not just for those to whom we profess
it in a ceremony used to mark tax status
and to show off or show under our wealth.
Love is undeniable, it's what makes us live.
Our bodies are seriously running on it.
Our 'heart' cannot live with out it. And who
would want to? We'll share ourselves so
much more. It's already started. I read about
confessional poetry today, and from what I
understand, those guys and gals really
understood. Get it all out, baby. Lay it on me.
Truth and love are the same. It's really the only
truth we can feel. That's it, just love.

Rachel Lyn Andrews - (which makes me a human being, writing my name makes me feel vulnerable.) This post could be so much better, but I am really late on getting a drawing made for someone and I watched gossip girl tonight which killed a whole lotta time.

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