Monday, October 13, 2008

desireful day

what is up with today?
A few months ago I started writing a poem, a sexy little poem...that went terribly wrong. I don't think it is in my capacity to write that sort of thing while actually using descriptive language to let you know what it's about. Maybe so, maybe not. But it didn't go well. Anyway, I did have a cool line. I want to share it so if any of you awesome poets want to use it you can...
unkempt seated jeans
there it is. It might be cool to see what you can do with it. Post a poem in the comments if you feel up to it :)

I am listening to C & C music factory right now, and it is not helping to wane this sexed up, sexless day. They are moaning as I type...Goodness! Somebody throw me a bone. (oh, no she dit'nt)

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