Sunday, October 19, 2008

blue scribbles

I close my eyes and
see blue scribbled shoulder
falsley drawn eyes.
If this is the end-
What am I saying?
textured duvet, shower
washing femininity.
I am a woman
I need this silky hair.
light reflecting, dyed ends.
Golden hues of plenty
of sun rays. Bright green
eyes. So how's it that
I got so caught up? So
obvious and not ended
this sooner.
I am that little girl
standing in the parking
forgotten about with missed
guitar lessons.
Learn that song.
Underlined, italicized and red.
Grossly in the head.
Heart flannel pyjamas
with sky blue slippers.

1 comment:

William Michaelian said...

Love it — especially from “I am that little girl” on.