Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At Work

The drawings were made on post-it notes. I kept having to hide them when I heard someone walk over to my desk :)


They're just trees, evergreen trees. They make a funny picture when you
look through the needles to the other side. I got stuck in one at my
grandma's house. I could climb high, but never get down.


We made love in a shallow stream. The current submitted to our
disruption. Laughing, it said, "why not view the fish from above?"


Stuck Shoe
The siren snarled it's way to my mother. Kate's bike flashed sun rays
in children's eyes. We didn't have cell phones in those days.


I'm not a poet or a painter, just a simple glow, a flash. You'll
remember me as being temporary. I smile, turn my head away from you and
I'm gone.


The copier sounds like a Gerbil today.


Distaste for,
"what now?"
Distaste for that bit underneath which sticks. To the ribs. Scraping,
even with a chisel, it won't be unstuck.


Where am I?
Right here.
Typing at my keyboard.


tart said...

Those are very cute, and very good little drawings :o)

Rachel said...

thanks lil sis

William Keckler said...

I find #3 very beautiful and moving.

And the caption is hilarious at # 5lol!