Monday, January 18, 2010

White cats spotted black

Two snow leopards hopped out of the back seat of a car onto the ground right outside my bedroom window.  I watched them, smiling and they saw me and looked pleased, slinked over to my window and jumped up to say hello.  Their faces were very bright and we established an instant rapport.  The position of the cats kept changing without my action.  I looked down and the window had been lifted so their paws could be pet.  I wasn't startled, just perplexed and took the opportunity to pet what was exposed of them.   Eventually the smaller female cat was inside with her head against my side.  We got into a telepathic conversation about the differences in our eyes.  Her eyes were green, as mine are, but I have white surrounding the color.  Her eyes were all bright green with a black center.  Her curiosity was so genuine it almost melted me.  My soft spot for cats grows with their size I guess.  Her brother had the most sparkling blue eyes but didn't join our coversation. 

The cats' supervisors came stolling over after a few minutes and seem delighted that we were all so happy.  We chatted about animals and travel and then went to sit on the couch.  There was a large empty cage on the floor to the left of us and the woman asked what it had housed.  The man then said it was some kind of hawk, which I suppose meant we had already discussed it without his wife present, and I added a platypus and an owl.  I told them my old roomate was an animal trainer who did shows for kids sometimes.  It seems like we were rattling off animal names to see if we all had stories to share and this kept us on the couch for over an hour.  The couple was getting tired and wanted some coffee so I pointed out that the best place for coffee in the city was right across the street.  It was the coffee shop I fell in love with in the Bershires. 

The woman noticed my hands were scratched as I was pointing to the window.  It surprised me, I hadn't felt anything and the cats were never agressive with me.   She said it just happens and told me of how she had been severely injured many times.  "It's what we overlook to be with them," she said. 


William Keckler said...

I like your dreams.

The last line made me burst out laughing.

Rachel said...

I'm glad I could return the favor.