Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't resist

the temptation to write a blog post while I am this loopy.  It's probably going to be totally obnoxious because I'm belligerent and giddy all at the same time.  Almost 24 hours of no sleep...I did this all the time when I was younger but now it seems like I've been awake for a year!  I'm definitely no insomniac.  Those people have it rough.  I was at the at&t store today to fix my phone woes and the man assisting me needed my phone number to access my account and I couldn't remember it. I gave him three wrong numbers...  He then asked me to write down my social security number so he could look it up and for a good minute I couldn't remember that either...  I feel  like I'm on drugs or something.  Drugs are probably more fun.  I don't really know cause I don't even take aspirin.  This is more of a boring blog post than anything else.  Sorry to waste your time and hype it up in the beginning there.  It seems strange to have set my alarm for 8:30 at night though.  I also just figured out how to use my newly downloaded alarm clock.  I linked it to a recording of a poem.  Hopefully it will wake me up.  Maybe I will dream of the poem first, that'd be cool.  I just double checked my alarm clock and noticed I had it set for am.  I can't even do the simplest tasks!  I would have slept for 12 hours I bet.  I helf off on buying a phone.  I was going to spend way too much money on a phone just because it's green.  I do things like that.  I might still buy it anyway though.  Not sure yet.  It is green afterall.  It has a sliding keyboard with letters on it.  I think they call that qwerty.  typing qwerty makes me feel like I am playing a piano.  I want to learn some piano songs.  fiona apple songs.  I want to sing to them.  I am boring you.  I am sleepy.  good day sirs.  (and madams)

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Rachel said...

still awake - i wanted to tell you all that I did not drive to the store. I did not injure or kill any innocent 'awake' people. my dad drove me. so there. I'm not totally nuts. :) Safety first!