Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow stuffs

It was a gorgeous day here.  It's night time now and Grey's Anatomy is a rerun so I'm sitting here blogging instead of being outside.  It got so cold and windy and icy; the not so fun part of winter.  I missed the smell of flowers so I bought some today.  The potted Hyacinth I bought last week died already.  I'm a horrible potted plant mother.  They die so fast on me.  I got a steal today though, roses and alstroemeria for $3.99 at Trader Joe's.  Woohoo!  A bunch of flower heads fell off when I unwrapped them but oh well.  I put the blossoms on a doily so they look pretty.  One thing I love about Paris is that the roses bloom in the winter.  I have a picture of a rose blooming near the Eiffel tower a week before Christmas.  That still makes me smile.  Today's snow pics are mostly geometric.  Am I becoming structured? 


William Keckler said...

IKEA should snap some of these up. They will occasionally show good taste by snapping up prints like these.

William Keckler said...

I remember telling Lee, I should go get my camera and take some pics of this snow.

And then I said, "oh don't worry lots of artists with a better eye than I have will be posting things."

And here you prove me right.

Funny that the tree and the tire prints are equally beautiful.

The purist would want the tree but the tire one is just as beautiful in its stark contrast values and in the way it plays with the mind.

a mon avis, at the frenchies say.

Rachel Andrews said...

It's so true! Snow makes beautiful scenes in random ways. I had my dog with me on that walk and he kept pulling me away. I'm glad he let me take some clear shots :)