Monday, January 18, 2010

drafted dream

I have to write about this or I might forget.  In a scene overlooked by Dali by Dali, standing upright, outright on the bookshelf.  We, on the floor tumbling and toe flexing.  Five of us, friends.  'I want to take off my pants.'  I kissed her to share my tingling minty lip balm.  We were all in love for five whole hours.  Quick bursts of laughter punctuated the sex.  It was my first experience with women.  Multiple fingers from multiple people overtook my body.  Trading off partners, watching each other.  Her tongue was so soft against mine, his tongue so soft in me.  And the golden haired man who's beauty I have admired for a decade, now admired so closely.  The night ending with hugs and phone numbers and love.  It really was the sixties at six am.  We had a beautiful time.

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