Friday, January 8, 2010

College Clubs

The college I am applying to has a 'High on Art Goup.' They have to let me in now.  This is in addition to the Art Club.  Strange names for the newspaper and that last club.  Albertus Magnus is a catholic college.  I am pretending that it isn't.
Great Perceiver newspaper, a source of campus news and information, provides an outlet for student writers.

High on Art Group sponsors student-run art exhibits each semester and raises funds to benefit Life Haven.

Infused Entity explores individualism, alternative ideologies and cultures, and encourages interaction among students from different backgrounds.


William Michaelian said...

The first and third could, and possibly should, be names of teas. But I’m pretending they aren’t.

Rachel said...

Good call. I'll pretend with you.

William Keckler said...

I think it's so cool...about the Catholic college.

I watch EWTN all the time.

I could teach you to intone "Verbum Domini" in a convincing way.

I mean if you want to grow some cathocamouflage.

How come you never see Catholic men with rosaries.

Do they think that makes them look like little girls?