Friday, January 8, 2010

Dream Notes

I was at the sea shore when two creatures emerged from the water.  The bigger of the two resembled a platypus in shape and size but it was fluorescent orange and had no bill, just a rounded 'seal-like' nose with no whiskers.  The other creature was tiny, about the size of my hand, stood on its hind legs and sort of looked like a chipmunk without the fur, oh and it had glasses and clothing.  Just a few feet behind the shoreline was a white house where I lived with my mother and sister.  In the back room also lived a family of mice, The Bevilles; they could talk. 

I'm a curious lady so when I saw these colorful animals come out of the water I scooted carefully up to them to test their friendliness.  The tiny one with glasses wanted nothing to do with me and for the entire dream stayed in the same spot, feet in the water, standing upright, looking at the action with a blank stare.  The orange one was more receptive.  He/she (couldn't figure that one out) let me pet his spongy body for a minute.  Once I was sure enough that they were here for a real visit I slowly backed away and climbed into the house to notify the others.  The Bevilles didn't care, mom humored my excitement but wasn't about to go outside and Jen peeked out the window.  I went back outside to learn more about the orange one.  I pet it some more and then lifted the skin covering the left side of its mouth to check for monster teeth.  Not there!  Excited, I decided to pick it up. 

You are already thinking, 'not a good idea.'  I forgot to check the paws.  Indeed, the nails on this thing were strange.  Numerous, sturdy wires came out of each knuckle spraying out like a fiber optic fan easily scratching human skin.  I also agitated the animal which was at this point squirming like a toddler.  I put it down in the sand and started running towards the platform of the house.  It followed me and quickly!  Those wire fan nails were efficient running in sand.  Into the house I went and so did the orange thing.  I picked it up, holding it on either side of its belly with my arms extended far away from my body and waddled it out to the beach.  I took it further away this time and belly rolled it onto another platform down the shore.  This thing was pissed.  It once again followed me back to the house but this time was prevented from entering.  My sister was very nervous at this point and went to consult with the Bevilles.  She figured talking animals must know how to deal with this. 

Then I woke up. 

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William Keckler said...

They sound like Pokemons.

You might want to check the Pokedex.

I'd rent the movie.