Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A fine merging

Two Sewing
by Hazel Hall (1886-1924)

The wind is sewing with needles of rain.
With shining needles of rain
It stitches into the thin
Cloth of earth. In,
In, in, in.
Oh, the wind has often sewed with me.
One, two, three.

Spring must have fine things
To wear like other springs.
Of silken green the grass must be
Embroidered. One and two and three.
Then every crocus must be made
So subtly as to seem afraid
Of lifting colour from the ground;
And after crocuses the round
Heads of tulips, and all the fair
Intricate garb that Spring will wear.
The wind must sew with needles of rain,
With shining needles of rain,
Stitching into the thin
Cloth of earth, in,
In, in, in,
For all the springs of futurity.
One, two, three.

Hazel was a seamstress, embroiderer and a poet.  I like how her relationship to these activities are seamless..hehe.  In other words, she is what she makes whether it be clothing or poems.  Her mind has integrated these activities in such a way that her expression allows for a natural coinciding of images.  How she sees the world is through the filter of her talents.  This poem caught my attention today because of my mergings.  It's difficult to reconcile the number of 'businesses' I'm in sometimes.  Making hobbies into something that sustain me financially and keep me fulfilled on all levels is challenging and things have been difficult lately.  Her poem reminded me that harmony does exist if we look at it from the right state of mind.    Working with and surrendering to nature's natural rhythms is the way to go.  Thanks Hazel :)  

I just read this post and realized I hadn't commented on the beauty of the poem itself.  Goodness me.  It's really beyond anything I could say about it.

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