Friday, September 25, 2009

Symphony No. 3 by Beethoven


Walking down a street,
running.   Underpass- stop!

Jump into the little boat.

Head downstream, oh no!

Will I make it to the next day alive?

I shout, rejoice!

Jump out of the boat
which crashed ashore.


Run, run, run
frollick through a field

wow, a castle.

Is the King home?

guards trumpet for his attention

"oh, it's you! nevermind" said the guard
"let me hail the King for you"

cool dude

oh shit!  I'm being chased off the property!

Run, run, run

through the field

I'm not getting back in that boat, no way!

Run, run
frollick, arms swinging, horaay!!
It's so good to be alive!

Where shall I go?


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