Friday, September 25, 2009

On my head!

Just screamed a bit and it's 1:37.
Here's the scene:
watching videos on youtube.
Madonna's vogue, a live performance.
Feel something on my head so I
try to brush it off, whatever it is
and my headset wire moves.
So I'm thinking, ok, it was my headset.
The other side of my head feels strange
so I brush it off, my hair is a little funky
so I think, yeah, alright it's my hair.
Goddamn head still feels weird
so brush it off again and a daddy
longlegs falls onto my bed!  My
worst freaking nightmare.  I'm not
scared of much but little harvestmen
with their big creepy legs and black
bead bodies......icky!!!!
So I could have woken up the whole house
just now but I think it's all good.

After jumping off the bed for a moment
to regroup and do the freaked-out dance
I grabbed a wash cloth to 'get rid of it'
even though that freaks me out more
than just seeing one.   But how can I
sleep in a room with a daddy longlegs?
I can't.  So the couch will be my home
unless I can get to it.  Can't find it now
of course.  Sneaky little thing.  Ughhh
It's on the loose. I hope it at least crawls
up the wall so I can see it instead of
being lost in my knitting bag (which
is where I think it is hiding)  And no,
I am not sticking my hand in to find out.)
I realize I am no longer a gnat, but really...
They are freaky little things that should
have become extinct a long time ago.

What does Ted Andrews have to say about harvestmen?  Let's see what the universe is literally throwing at me this time:

Nothing, it's not in the book but I found something else online:

Subject of vicious rumor, little understood but with an important tale to tell, will suffer injury in order to be free

 That's pretty right on.  I went to a high school last night so maybe things are coming up from that.  The rumor parts at least.  High school was rough for me and rumors and nicknames were certainly present.  I was often called a witch even though I never practiced wicca.  I was also a troll and a fortune teller.  I think the troll part came from my ever evolving hair color; blue with green, green, purple with blue, etc.  The fortune teller part is obvious and the witch thing comes from being a fortune teller, of course.  It wasn't all bad.  We all have high school horror stories I bet.  As for the important tale, I'm not so sure.  Maybe that's why I have a blog.  I have suffered many injuries to be free.  I just don't look at it that way.  Maybe that is the point.

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