Sunday, December 6, 2009

Newest painting #2

painting above mirror
say to me what you will
i know your name is
inconsistent to me
blue eyes mean past
life- leave,
me alone.
give up on 
soft lips wait for you.
done.  now.  soft green
brings you 
golden sunrise.

i don't trust you
painting.  your environment
speaks not truth.  shining doorway
deflecting light is not a good sign.
take me to the threshold but spare me
your answers.


William Keckler said...

so very akhmatova.

and i opened my window to the light and this is the first thing i read.

it looks like russia.

the golden apple on the snowy table leveling the view of the city.

Rachel said...

It always comes back to Russia with you :) I like that. I'm probably related to some Russian artists. I have some of that in my blood and it is from the creative side of the family.