Monday, December 14, 2009

As requested

I'm listening to a Mariah Carey cd.  It's actually a two disc set of remixes and heartbreaker is on at the moment.  "Don't go and break my heart, heartbreaker you've got the best of me, why, why, why....and I just keep coming back incessantly..."  It's a great song.  This picture seems exactly that except when you get to the end it opens up.  That middle part is love, the soft intersects a thought process, orange, then after that opens to the real world.  The people share the middle stream, yet life exists separately on either side.  From the looks of it these people have their hands full of lively duties, projects and the like.  The common form, magenta mountains, seem to indicate an intense journey full of ups and downs.  They also mirror eachother.  Two lives that are mirrored even when the lives are separate is interesting to me.  It would indicate a common connection beyond the everyday.  If that element wasn't present I would say to just let this go and see what happens in the fall of next year, but interaction seems like a good idea here.  A grounding of the mountain so to speak...We all know that mountains are part of the earth and not just tall rocks.  Roots that deep can serve to be an enourmous support system.  The magenta color they are drawn with tells of an intense passion and the strong, clean line with which they are drawn makes them even more powerful. 

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