Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is International Talk With A British Accent Day!!!!!

Come on, you know you want to  participate.  Be a good chap and have some fun!

 continued from:
BAB targets anglophiles and is holding its first International talk with a fake British accent day on December 17th in NYC. Begun as a virtual global event on Facebook, BAB have organised a face-to-face NYC event at Slatterys midtown pub, 8 East 36th Street, to celebrate the British accent and bring anglophiles together.
Everyone (even the Brits) is invited to adopt a fake accent for the event and may find themselves tested on the day by fiendish tongue twisters. You could mimic other famous "fakers", such as Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins or Austin Powers. “Fakers” will be recorded for posterity and members will get a chance to listen, vote, comment and discuss their efforts online.
We are excited about 2010 and building our expat network. For more information, check out Big Apple Brits.

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