Wednesday, December 16, 2009


too many cookies.  black mountain died with writers and painters.  they had a good deal.  i wish it was in new york.  new york school.  i will probably not ever go to school again.  it seems i am not able to keep up with normal people.  other people tell me what to do.  my dad says i can make a lot of money ghosthunting.  i don't want to take things from haunted people.  they will suck it right back into their houses.  they usually do.  this is my favorite daft punk song:

you can hear the beats unfurl.  they are bulbous.  they let you pick for yourself.  if i were to explain techno to someone i would use this song.  up beat, down beat.  go for it.  it is named after a bird.

what happens now that the alien is gone?  it said lift off.  it promised many things.  it also promised that my affection is not disappearing.  i surely don't get it.  all i can do is work.  work is my propulsion.  it is actually going well.  making things.  it is necessary.  major restructuring.  holy cow...

i was almost certain you would go away.  not you.  you.  it's rather hard to hide.  haha.  i'm in a strange mood.  lastly, not really, yes.  time has overlapped lately.  patterns from long ago are becoming clear.  there is really only one way out.  it's the way it started this time around...that's a lie.  it's the way i made it in the middle.  where are you going with this?  not sure...ever. 

going to get a cookie and a cup of tea.

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