Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The most straightforward questions are the hardest to answer

I'm in scholarship application mode and it sort of drives me crazy.  How will obtaining a degree help you?   What will you do with the Scholarship money?  I love free money and writing a bit about things isn't so much to ask but I want to pull my hair out.  I wish they could make it more interesting at least.  Why do purple monkeys eat their bananas upside down?  Tape record yourself sleeping and write an essay describing your emotions while listening to the tape.  I don't know.  If I had a scholarship it'd be a totally absurd topic to write about.  That would weed out the people with no sense of humor.  Who needs them anyway?  just kidding.  You know I'm just killing time by writing this blog post.  I'm sitting at starbucks in the corner looking at the fireplace and not writing my essay.  I did one already though, yay.  Must have been the sugar from the rice crispie treat I ate that gave me the ambition.  Also I think I know someone who is working here but I didn't say anything and am trying to be invisible because it was awkward.  Blah, back to work for me.  Oh yeah, I'm going back to school but you probably already gathered that.  Wish me luck!


William Keckler said...

It should be illegal for Starbuckses (is that the plural) to have fireplaces.

But they are nice.

Rachel said...

why illegal? It's lovely. But all this boring essay writing is taking away my creativity. I feel dried up. Not good :(