Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you have to believe in money in order to have some?

Listening to Portishead.  Man on the floor playing video games.  Shaking my head side to side.  Music.  Type.  'We suffer everyday, what is it for?  These crowns of illusion are fooling us all.'  So.  I just read an insightful article about the current economic situation.  It talks about debt.  I wish I understood money.  Here's part of a comment:
For as long as I can remember, I’ve known that Money wasn’t real.  ... There was a long spell in my thirties when I tried to join the Real World; I took seminars and went to therapy, visited astrologers who told me I had low self esteem and believed I didn’t deserve money, so this was why I was poor.
I thought very hard about this, for a very long time.
Deserve?I finally thought. I don’t even believe it exists. I have to consciously work myself into a state of suspended disbelief in order to participate. Money is a floating value, it is tied to nothing, as far as I can see, except the imaginations of its handlers. People are given outrageous amounts of the stuff for doing absolutely nothing, or actually skillfully convincing others to give it to them, for nothing. If you follow any major financial news outlet you can see the most confounding activity going on dealing entirely with invented values; massive tsunamis of the stuff rising and falling based on the whims of people we will never meet who manage the flow. -ginblossom
What's a girl to do?  Not sure yet.  I mean, time doesn't exist either but i still manage to set my alarm clock. 

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