Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What did you say? (hehehe)

Just thought of a way to explain telepathy! You know how in a dream, many things are understood? You feel the words perhaps instead of having to say them, you see images that describe a detail, but the detail is not visible from your perspective? In a dream you can come into a situation without having experienced the backstory, but yet you already know it because you feel it. It has been created. And also - in a dream you know people and maybe you have not met them in real life, but you know their names, where they are from, etc. If you try to capture that feeling of understanding...that is what telepathy is like. It's a calm, allowing state where you are fed images/impressions that you can translate into words if you need to. :) Everyone is telepathic..I think people just don't realize it.

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appltart said...

I wish i could leave comments on your "what i look like today" pictures.