Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best horoscope ever!

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Some people would like the world better if
it didn't have oddballs, freaks, black sheep, misfits, and crackpots.
Personally, I'm very much in favor of these types, and celebrate the
entertaining diversity they add to the world. I hope you share my
attitude, Aries, because you're going to have to be in intimate
relationship with your own inner weirdo in the coming week. If you're
prejudiced against people who don't act normal, you'll have trouble
dealing with the unusual urges and needs that will be welling up in
you. But if you've developed an appreciation for anomalous behavior, you'll
be able to love yourself just right.

for your sign check out Rob Brezny's Website Free Will Astrology.

I can freely embrace my inner wierdo. Maybe this means that I'll get fired and shave off most of my hair and dye just the little bit that's left over green. And only wear garbage bags but fasten them with a big bumble bee pin. ? That'd be awesome :) And I do love all of you! Everyone - even those who don't share their oddness with us. We all have something in us that is special.

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