Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bjork - Human Behaviour

Living on earth can be challenging and dealing with different levels of awareness doesn't make it any easier. Most people are aware of when their egos are active and when they are behaving illogically. But what about self-indulgence? Being wierd or strange because you are that or just because you can? When does self exploration become a bad thing? An artist (or anyone) can become so involved in a project or research that the whole outside world becomes a blurry noise. Does it matter what the outcome of that project/research is to determine the 'worth' of the time 'lost' leading up to the point of completion? If a man spends 2 years of his life completely entangled in making a book that he barely notices the seasons go by and the book is disregarded by society, does that make him a loser? What if that same man's book is published to high acclaim and he makes millions, then he didn't waste his time, right? I guess it comes down to personal choice and obligations. If you set up your life to include others, like a husband, wife, kids or friends, then you either have to honor those choices or make it really clear who you are and how you work before entering into those relationships. I bring this up because, while watching and listening to Bjork today, I noticed how supremely strange she is. She is dazzling, light-filled brilliance and i love to watch her face as she sings and I love to hear her talk about her work. She has such a connection to what she does, she pours herself into the cd and what she wants is what we hear. She completely honors her perspective and seems to ignore anything outside her own blinders. So should we be aware of our earthly personalities as being just that - personalities and not our eternal selves, or do we consider that our own personal gift to the world? Is our humble take on things really that important to devote our whole lives to sharing it, honing the delivery and spreading the word about it? I guess that is why artists are born artists. The creative urge just needs to be expressed, no matter what form it takes and what needs to happen for it to come to fruition. Judging any step of that process just might halt the entire thing. And who knows? Maybe that was the whole reason for this lifetime.

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