Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Funnies

I am watching a movie about Coco Chanel on Lifetime right now and started feeling really serious...Lifetime movies usually bring out the teenage girl in me. I don't enjoy feeling serious and I remembered this drawing I did yesterday that I didn't post. Here's the story:

I'm in the middle of making this drawing and I'm really into it...hunching over the a trance of circular movement...
i scan, i re-size...and it's a nipple. Not my intention...I made it because the blog started looking like a store, with picture links and newsletter sign-up, so I wanted to draw an apology. So here's the drawing:

A Quick funnie:

I'm sitting at my computer, eating a twix candy bar. I take a bite and look at the oozing caramel and notice that there is energy, white streams, shooting out the top! I've never seen a candy bar with such an excited aura before...and then realize that i just put my hot tea cup down. It was steam from my tea...silly Rachel. Now that's better :)


William Keckler said...

You can really see the stone floating on water.

You undid the way a great zen poem does with that one.

I too will drop into Lifetime movies occasionally.

The one on the cybersex-addicted teenage boy the other afternoon was particularly engaging.

I had to explain to someone later that day how fascinated I was by the fact that they actually cast actresses to play the roles of the cyberporn he was "watching."

I know I recognized one of those now famous A-listers in there, but I couldn't put the name to the face.

The best part is the actresses cast for the cyberporn all looked like they were cracking up. They were clearly having a lot of fun since they knew this wasn't the big break they'd been looking for.

But hey, it is Lifetime. People can stop in there on the way up OR the way down.

I doubt she will cite that "cameo" on her resume, though.

No shame. Just silly. That's probably subsumed under the rubric "various other projects."

William Keckler said...

Or I should have written, "you UNDID (italics), the way a zen poem does..."

Blogger is so unforgiving with comment editing.