Tuesday, September 23, 2008

took a half day

I wasn't sure what to expect this evening. I did a reading as a favor to a friend last night. I didn't cry this time, which I usually do since everyone else cries. I had a hard time shaking this woman (the deceased one). She followed me home to say thank you, but i think she told a bunch of her friends where I live. I'm typing to keep myself from getting scared. I am not sure who these people are, but they are very large and filling my room, making noise on the roof and looking into the windows. I could let go and have fun with these things but I'd never make it to work tomorrow. I have to come down sometime. Joe's not home.

One is standing over the sink - maybe figuring out how to make water come out. It seems to be able to make its energy into a flat line - coming out horizontally from where the head would be. then, like a lightwave, be a body again. Fluctuating, undulating. Does it read that way?

I'm getting cold and should go to sleep. I hope they leave, they are being quiet. I should tell them to go. All the fun I miss being responsible.

No drawing for this one. Too tired. Besides, the last two really kicked this thing off.

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