Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonky Glitter Ball (Roger Hiorns - Seizure)

This is amazing. I wish I was in London and could go see it. I love how it's toxic and in a condemned building. That would never happen here, there would be a rope at the door or something. He's up for a prize the Turner Prize this year. Here's what the telegraph had to say in response to his nomination:
The sculptor Roger Hiorns works in so many different mediums it is hard to know where to begin: soap bubbles, fire, detergent, perfume and dangerous chemicals. In Seizure, his project sponsored by Artangel last year, he covered the interior of a bedsit in an East End council estate with copper sulphate. After a couple of weeks, blue crystals had grown over every surface, transforming an architectural space most of us wouldn’t have looked at twice into an Aladdin’s cave that – as in all the best fairytales – had more than a whiff of danger about it. To see the work, we had to clomp around wearing boots and protective gloves, scared to brush against the walls, transfixed by its crystalline magic, and aware that even during the short time we’d spent in the flat, the chemicals were eating the walls and floors away just as our own lives were being devoured by time.

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