Thursday, October 29, 2009


He sits with her on a wooden bench scented with plausability.
Circling dove mourning cries, gray and white, winged,  a pair
Parachute touch down.
Weathered hand still feminine calls his face to palm.  The hand
cups his uneven texture.  Soft fleece jacket over his abdomen,
syncopated heart beat visible.
A flicker of brown iris in the still moment of union
served to her, he is gracious.
Now the lips part, curling.
Heat hit the ears and color the cheeks raised in smile. 
Palm to thigh of singular.
Relapse to her last chance adrenaline rising hard.
She states it.  Thick distraction laden window
pausing leaf falling- mid-air disco ball to pierce
eyelids open, hearts, mouths to connect.
To keep spinning.