Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's Rabbit Rabbit or time to make a wish and kiss your hand and tap your forehead with said kissed hand.  I'm at a loss for words.  I have a dumb feeling while I'm sitting here.  Not even sure why I'm bothering to type this all out.  Friends are coming in forty five minutes.  Is time supposed to be hyphenated?  I just read an essay about how books are going to disappear due to electronic distribution.  The book is a Jew in Nazi time (I paraphrase).  ?  What? Now, the only reason I knew this article existed was through google reader, which took me to a blog, which told me more about the essay, which took me to the ONLINE lit magazine that hosted the essay.  Why didn' he hire the pony express to deliver scrolls of this essay to everyone?  I'm being cranky and I love books, too!  But there is nothing wrong with choice.  Ebook or hardcopy, who cares?  If someone who isn't going to buy a print books still wants to read your work in electronic form are you going to say no?  Sharing ideas and passion and creativity can happen through any medium.  Let the reader decide which is preferable. 

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