Monday, October 5, 2009

sleeping days

an emergence of
to rectify

a life
lived on the


TC said...

This one provided a day of interesting reflection, the only sport in which one may engage at an advanced age without risking breaking something.

I've long suspected will may be over-rated, but perhaps this is just envy of whose who appear to have one.

The Triumph of the Will, for example, has always struck me as an overly optimistic title, but then Leni R lived to be about a hundred and was still swimming with the fishes (literally, with a snorkel in the tropics) until almost the end... so maybe there's something in it after all. Bubbles at least.

And then there was Gordon Liddy's memoir, titled Will. That was a book Ted Berrigan loved. Perhaps a case of envy once again.

I love the verb "rectify" here, it's so hopeful, like "emergence".

But all that good intention seems to collapse back onto the floor in the second stanza, actually a great relief.

Is getting oneself upright really worth the trouble, after all?

Rachel said...

You've got me with that last question.